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Perfect Products For Pale Girls - Maybelline Concealer So Fair

Mission accomplished. I have found a perfect pale concealer! While the trusty Rimmel Wake Me Up does a pretty damn good job on my hideous hereditary almost-black undereye circles, it doesn't do well anywhere else on my face. It's great to cancel out as much purple as it can, but needs two coats and would partner much better with a brighter concealer that (actually) matches my skin tone. Now that we've found the perfect powder foundation for our sunless complexions, it's only right to match it with an equally perfect concealer that won't cause darker patches on our faces. Our blemishes and scars already do that for us. 
Venturing away from my trusty brands and into the unknown, I found myself drifting towards the Maybelline counter. Well hey, if no one else want's to stock a pale concealer...
"Fit Me hmmm? See, that looks better." I whispered to myself, looking around to make sure no one heard my out-loud pondering. They did. A few weird looks followed. "Well, if the name 'Fit Me' isn't any indication I don't know what is," this internally now. 
Reaching immediately to the far left where the palest shades were located, I pulled down what was soon to become my soul mate. I chuckled to myself as I didn't even need to look at the shades knowing full well the only one that could work was the whitest one. 15 Fair Clair made her way onto the back of my hand as I swatched the shade alongside a few other concealers I was matching up for size. "OMG, IT'S PERFECT!" I don't think I've ever been so excited about a concealer. 

Fair Clair is exactly that, fair. (Which is fancy talk for pale.) She has a soft peach undertone that hovers between pink and yellow, making it bright enough without being on the yellow side of Ivory. Living up to the 'Fit Me' name, no. 15 is what our younger selves would call 'skin colour' fitting to the paler skin tones. Her finish is natural making her look brighter without being too white, meaning it won't give you white patches and blends into the skin seamlessly. Packaged in a sweet minimalistic square tube with a small applicator sponge, she is ideal for small spots and precision. You only need a small finger to help dab it on. Once she is completely blended in, it's almost like, you didn't put anything on your face at all. She disappears, taking with her the spots you wanted to conceal. She brightens up the under-eye area as well as lightening up that peach concealer you used to cancel out those dark purple hues.
With an equally pale foundation over the top, your face has never looked so natural and even. 

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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