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Rainy Day Movies: Be A Part Of The Sisterhood

Another night of Netflix scrolling in an attempt to find a good movie to curl up too led me to click on The Sisterhood Of The Night. However the fact that it was almost an accident I even hit play, I wasn't at all disappointed. By accident, I mean I thought the bio sounded right up my alley, but I didn't think I'd bother finishing it. I pressed play thinking, "what have I got to lose?" The words 'witch-hunt' in the bio sparked my interest first. You know me, I love any movie with witchy themes and badass women. While this one didn't have witchcraft in it exactly, it did have that edge, that element that made me want to keep watching once I began.
While teen movies about teen girls being annoying have no appeal to me normally, this movie focuses less on the angsty emotions and more on the attempt to take control of their lives and the rollercoaster of emotions they deal with. By the end, I couldn't help but feel proud of them. If only I had this kind of thing when I was an emotional teenager. Although I don't agree with Mary Warren's actions throughout half the movie, and she had me wanting to throttle her. Wake up girl! Speak up! She does turn it all around in the end with a tear-jerking memorial and a reveal. 

The bio on Netflix describes the movie as being a modern-day Salem witch hunt (oh goodie!) and that the girls in question are treated like evil witches, being torn apart by the town. While that is true, the girls aren't witches nor do they practice any witchcraft (much to my almost-disappointment.) But their little group known as "the sisterhood" becomes the most talked-about and misunderstood group of friends, even attracting media attention. The sisterhood is a group of high school friends who take a vow of silence (from social media) to re-connect with themselves. By now, they've learned about the toxicity of the internet and how harmless status updates can be turned around on them viciously and quickly. The girls have their own issues that cause them to act up and rather than to rebel they seek to heal from within.  Not only are they silent online but in person too. They never breathe a word of the things they do when they sneak out at midnight to gather in the woods around a campfire, very coven-like. Obviously this leaves room for accusations and assumptions (all of which, we almost believe.) Quickly the girls are thrown under the bus, and lies begin to spread about what it is they actually do. And their need to keep the sisterhood secret doesn't help their case.

This is a story about support, between girlfriends. They don't turn on each other, they help each other up and care about one another. Well, if you're part of the sisterhood that is. This story quickly turns into one of bullying, sexual abuse, depression, and release. It deals with complex issues and yet, it's about how these helpless teenage girls find a way to take control of their emotions and thoughts to channel them into something more positive. For the sake of their own sanity. 
The ending stirred up all the emotions after being shaken by a horrible event that led to one of the girls being 'silenced forever.' It ends on a beautiful note that solidifies the movies theme of support and sisterhood, and how even those who wronged them can be forgiven and embraced. 
This movie is seriously so great, and even without the witchcraft it left me with a smile. It surprised me completely and isn't at all a typical teenage movie. In fact, you almost forget that they are teenagers at all. Highly recommended. 

Top photo by Sheree Grace
Second via The Dissolve
Third via Skandar & Georgie Tumblr 

- Sheree



  1. I haven't seen this but I think I definitely should. Btw I totally followed you cause, cute blog! Annnd you should use UnblockUs and then you can watch American netflix, and praise it is worth it.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. It was surprisingly really good! And aww thank you, that's sweet! I appreciate it.
      Also yes, I actually use Hola and watch US Netflix (shhhh, don't tell ahah) apparently it's no longer in the chrome app store but I still have it ;)


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