That Time I Burned My Hair Off With A Straightener

It started like any other day. I woke up and proceeded to get ready for beauty school as I had always done during my 18th year of life. I hadn't yet decided to appreciate and love my hair and thus continued to straighten it even though my hair is already naturally straight. Logic.
My natural golden brown locks chopped into what one would call an 'emo haircut' with a full fringe, was kept in an alright state in terms of health. I shampooed and conditioned as normal. The only unhealthy thing I was doing to it (aside from cutting it into that choppy 'emo style' - how could I? Uggh) was straightening it when it didn't need to be straightened. 

With my straightener sitting on my desk heating up like it has done many times before, I prepped my hair for the impending torture it was about to face. And by prepping, I mean doing nothing because what is this, 'heat protecting spray'? My thick fringe chopped into a blunt cut needed the most special treatment of all; a slight curling to get it to look a little more 'pin up.' 
Without a care in the world, I took the red-hot plates to my oh-so-delicate fringe and began to curl. 
Running over the fringe three times. On the third curl, I stopped. Something smelled funny, something didn't seem right. 
I looked down at the plates and screamed. 

The under layer of my fringe was stuck to the straightener. The top where it had snapped off looked like it had been (I kid you not) glued to the plates, melted and crispy.
It took me a second to realise what had actually happened before running to the mirror completely speechless and astonished. At first I could barely notice, luckily it was only the bottom layer of my thick fringe and I still had hair on top. Shorter hair but hair non-the-less. The sharp, jagged shortened edges of what was left was an obvious tell.
"My fringe burned off!" I yelled out in complete disbelief on the verge of tears. The tears were mostly due to the shock of this never happening before. But what happened next was, even more unbelievable. 

I started laughing. 
This is one of those horror stories people tell you about when they warn you against using heat styling tools. I was a living "I told you so" situation.
I carefully peeled my hair off my straightener with an amused (but still completely shocked) smile on my face. My straightener was now cooling down and I was to discover later, that my straightener had short-circuited and was now broken and useless. It overheated for just 5 seconds and took my hair along with it. 
Once I calmed down and my hands stopped shaking, I was ready (but still very self-conscious of the fact that my fringe looked quite bad now and there was nothing I could do about it) to face the day. Ironically, heading to beauty school to study, you guessed it, hairdressing. 
For a few days after that I received comments along the lines of, "Did you cut your fringe?" and "What did you do, something's different?" Re-telling the story made me realise just how funny it was. "Oh no, I burned it off with my straightener." 

On the bright side, no one noticed that it had burned off and I still had hair to cover it up with. When I pinned my fringe up, all you could see were frazzled burned bits of hair sticking out that made me giggle every time. As my fringe grew out it was easy to hide and maintain. And, I had a new-found appreciation of my hair. I purchased a heat protectant, began conditioning more and only straightened and styled the parts of my hair that needed it, embracing my naturally straight state. 

So on the bright side, I learned how to love and care for my hair, and I learned how to find the funny side to not-so-funny situations. 

Photo by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. Omg! I have bangs and what a freaking nightmare!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination
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    1. Haha! It kind of was at the time, like a nightmare come true.



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