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Brush Essentials: Everyday Staple Makeup Brushes

Whether your brush collection is big or small, you can't deny there aren't those few favourites you always reach for when putting your face on every day. My collection isn't exactly what one would call big, but I do have doubles of the same kind of brush. Although none of that matters because when applying my everyday look, I always reach for the same few brushes first. Well, unless those happen to be dirty. See photos. Yes, they are coated in product, I was too lazy to clean them for the sake of this post. (And they weren't already clean because I'm a massive brush cleaning procrastinator.) But I'm going to pretend this was done on purpose because "aesthetic and authenticity". 

Your staple brushes are the ones you couldn't do without. They are the brushes you must have, in your collection. Amongst the sea of your excessive amount of brushes, they are the ones that shine and take the cake.
My staple brushes include a stippling powder brush, something for concealer but not necessarily a concealer brush, one for the brows and two for the eyes. Simple, no?  
As someone who wears powder foundation, a stippling powder brush is an essential. It helps distribute the powder evenly, flawlessly and helps to make it stick.
Models Prefer's stippling brush was the first one I've ever owned. I loved it when I wore liquid foundation and love it now after making the switch to powder. It was much more affordable than anything else, and for my first of this kind, it was great. 
It's soft, fluffy and quickly works to buff powder foundation on seamlessly. No muss no fuss. 

Considering most of my concealer goes onto my unnaturally large dark undereye circles, and I'm lazy, I like to use large brushes to blend it into my face. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is perfect for this. It's not too large, but not too small, and brilliantly blends the concealer into larger spots. Soft and most excellent, I can't imagine using this for anything other than concealer. 

What was once used for eyeliner has now become a brow brush for powder application. It's the Australis angled eye brush and I'm fairly certain, it no longer exists. Wow, well done me. Featuring a staple brush that is no longer manufactured. However, luckily for this brush, it's just your basic angled eye brush and can be found anywhere, in any brand. It makes a wing a piece of cake and filling in your brows a cinch. The angle means controlled precision, and it's the perfect brush for mistake free brows. 
However, I'd say this one by NARS is a pretty close option. 
As we know, the eyes are the window to the soul. So making them look beautiful is a must. The Real Techniques Duo Fiber Eye Brush is everything you've ever wanted in a fluffy brush for eyeshadow application. It's soft and the perfect size to blend out eyeshadow. Great for creating a simple, quick, subtle smoky look or simply dusting on a natural hue.

And finally no look is complete without a smudge of shadow on the lower lash line to create a sultry cat eye. The (wonderful) Sigma Smudge brush from the copper collection is perfect for such creation. It's gentle, soft, precise, and only needs one swipe for great pay off. It's also perfect for those minimal makeup days. You can give yourself a subtle wing of shadow with this brush easily and flawlessly. Love. 

I seriously think, that as long as you have these brushes in your beauty arsenal, you won't need much of anything else.  

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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