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I Was 'That Person' And Sprayed Perfume In Public

Let's be honest, no one likes the person who sprays their perfume around while on public transport. But just this one time, I was that person. 
Mixed feelings ensured guilt and the reactions of those around me were clear. I swear I had a good reason. Only now I can see the other side of the situation, other than feeling annoyed when I smell something in the air that causes sneezes all round.

You've been in that situation many times before.
Everything is going as fine as it could go on the train. You've got your IPod fully charged. You successfully manage to avoid eye contact with that creepy man in the corner, and while it doesn't smell amazing in here, you're not choking half to death. And then, it happens. All of a sudden there is a sickly strong cloud hovering in the air. It's a little too sweet for your tastes, and you're suddenly finding it hard to breathe.
Someone has just sprayed perfume. *Dun dun DUUN*
Even worse? There's no ventilation in here. 
All joking aside, while your scent may be nice to you, it isn't always a crowd pleaser and smaller spaces cause the perfume to smell stronger and linger for longer. 

Well, that's what I learned when I was 'that person' myself during the first minute of a 1 HOUR 10 MINUTE train ride. You idiot. 
I chose the perfect seat, by the window, and settled in for the journey ahead. That's when I realized it. 
"Oh, dear I forgot to put on perfume this morning before I left the house!" 
While this isn't really, a big deal I feel naked without it. And I mean, seriously, deodorant doesn't exactly make you smell fresh, just stops bad odor. And I was going to be in an office all day. I need to smell fresh! 

Uh huh! Never mind, I always carry a travel size perfume in my handbag, just for these exact kind of emergencies. But here's the thing, I'm a forgetful person. So if I wait until I'm off the train, chances are I'll forget completely. 
"It's okay, this train is pretty empty right now, so I'll just spray a little bit." 
I reached into my purse and pulled out my perfume. Luckily this scent is a musky one, that's sure to be great with the crowd right?
Pulling my scarf out a little, I spritzed it down my top, onto my chest and then on my neck. 
Big mistake.
The top and scarf trapped the scent in, heating it up and making it stronger. Oh no, I'm not the only one who can smell this right now. 

My face began to heat up as the perfume grew stronger. The few passengers that were sitting behind me began to shuffle in their seats.
Oh no, they're coughing! Did that person just get up and move? Away from me? 
I'm officially that person.
More people flooded in on the next few stops, and my perfume was still going strong. I could almost see the damn cloud of haze. 
No one dared sitting next to, or near me. Probably out of fear that they'll die. On a damn train. Choking to death or suffocating while holding their breath.
I'm sorry! I felt horribly guilty, ashamed and embarrassed. I swear my intentions were completely innocent.
The scent eventually subsided but not before my quilt completely ruined my train trip. More so than the creepy man in the corner, like seriously there's always one on any train you get on.
Although I was never going to be near these people ever again, I couldn't help but worry that now they all hate me. Now they're thinking horrid things about me.
And I deserve it. 

Now, I also dislike people who spray their perfume around. Most of them happen to be rowdy teenagers trying to mask their cigarette smell (won't work children) before they get home or trying to show off. 
Like, I would want to be associated with a bunch of loud children, am I wrong? 
But I kind of get it now. Sometimes they don't mean any harm. Don't judge okay? Maybe they just forgot to spray some while at home. 

I will say this, however; never again

Photo by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. Oh dear, I think this has happened to each of us once in our lives. The time on the train, bus or elevator. Very interesting Post! X

    1. Haha, it very most likely has! It's such a faux pas even though it's not a big deal at all.

  2. uhhhh I know!... but after I found that perfect perfume I was done! (after 25 years) thanks lady in the perfume store.


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