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My Blasphemous Beauty Habits

Yep, we all have them. Those habits we fall into out of pure laziness or fear that are frowned upon in the beauty industry. Did you know that you're using cleanser wrong? Or, according to Cosmo you are. Heaven forbid.
After reading a feature about beauty mistakes (or whatever it was that told me the one thing I don't do, I should do) I started thinking about what else I do (or don't do) that is considered "wrong." The beauty habits of mine that are just so utterly blasphemous, how can I even look at myself? Of course, I'm kidding but it certainly feels that way when you read a Cosmo post and they give you a list of things that are considered mistakes. Like the world, is about to end because you don't apply three coats of mascara. 

I don't use (or own) an eyelash curler.
Apparently, that little medieval torture contraption they use to curl your lashes is essential. If you don't use one, you're doing your mascara wrong and you may as well not even bother. While they are fascinating things, they're also, completely terrifying. It took me too long to use mascara in the first place, now they want me to stick that thing on my eye? I don't think so sister.

I don't clean my makeup brushes nearly as much as I should be.
Can I get an amen? This one comes with a huge, "Oh yeah, neither do I" as half the world rolls their eyes and reaches for their dirty brush for the third time. Yes, I do understand that cleaning them is important for the health and safety of your face, but like, ugh right? It's a miracle if I don't end up reaching for a filthy brush to blend my concealer out. Again. Because all my brushes a dirty and I'll sooner buy more brushes than actually clean the ones I have. 

Sometimes, I pair a bold red lip with a dark sultry eye.
You know the old rule that orders you to pick one? Lips or eyes please, not both. Well, sometimes I do both. I love a dark eye, but I also love red lipstick, how can a girl be expected to choose? Why not have both? *family rejoices, lifts me up on their shoulders as the entire town dances and cheers in the street.*

I don't moisturize as often as I should. 
This one is completely on me. There's no reason why I shouldn't, at least, be using an oil daily. But I typically go an entire day without a drop of moisturizer. Partly due to being lazy, partly because my skin gets quite oily, and a moisturizer will only make that more so. I also don't cleanse daily and thus, find myself only moisturizing when I cleanse.  

Quite the no-no's aren't they? Naughty me, doing the bad things. 

Photo by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. I love this! I honestly feel like every girl doesn't do any of these things (at least not as much as they should). I definitely agree on moisturizing your skin or cleaning brushes more often, but any other makeup rule should be up to whoever is doing their makeup. I don't own an eyelash curler either but I think I can live without one lol Great post though!

    1. Oh definitely, who wants to follow all these rules anyway? Whatever makes you feel good you do it! At least, that's how I justify my dark eye/red lip combo ahah I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't a fan of those curlers, so scary tbh.
      Thanks lovely! x


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