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Not Quite Cacti, But These Fittonias Are The Perfect Houseplant

I know some people liken house plants to children, "If I can't keep a plant alive, how can I have a baby?" But I like to consider them as being low maintenance pets. You're still a parent to them, but let's face it, children are much more to deal with than plants or even a cat. You still need to 'feed' them, and nurture them to grow and thrive, but that's about it. Similar to having a pet where all that is required is to feed them, clean up after them and make them feel happy and loved. (Minimum.) Therefore, my theory is that houseplants are just pets. 
I wanted my very own cactus. Because let's face it, succulents are very popular right now. Some might even say, on-trend. They are a typical blogger "accessory" that decorate flat lays and Instagram feeds. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't influenced by that. But while that was the reason that made me want a succulent of my own, I wasn't about to invest time in something that was more maintenance than me. Sorry, but it's true. 

Cacti are even lower in maintenance, and if you forget about them, they won't die straight away. Perfect. Plus, my cat is less likely to munch on a cactus. Not only did I want to raise one or two, but I wanted it to sit on my office desk. And, admittedly, decorate photos. To provide some decor, inspiration and to liven up my area. I was looking for the perfect house plant. 

Alas, there were no cacti when I visited my local gardening shop that day, but I did find some plants that were just perfect for me. They don't require too much maintenance and share the same personality traits as me. What more could you want from a pet? 
Pinkie and Pie are Fittonias. Rainforest plants that came with a tag labeling them as decorative houseplants. Decorative plants? Now we're talking. They require moist soil, a humid environment and (get this) they don't like direct sunlight. They are happy just hanging in your home, or in a terrarium, occasionally being watered just a little bit and feeding on the diffused light of your window. Now, how perfect is that? 

Maintaining this low maintenance house plant.
Firstly, I repotted them into two ultra-chic white clay pots. Why clay you ask? Because they look nice. And they were cheap. Points for honesty? 
These guys don't need drainage and clay pots soak up moisture keeping the soil dry. This means there's no chance of accidentally over watering them. Something they hate. 

They grow best with indirect light. So I keep mine on my desk right in front of my window. Which happens to be just below the heating duct.  

They love humidity and in winter it's not so humid. So, we pretend.  With a spray bottle of warm water, I lightly mist them every morning. If their soil feels dry, I mist in a little bit of water. And I try to keep them as warm as possible.
If they start to look a little dry, I mist them some more. You'll be surprised at how much better they look with a light spray of water. I swear my plants look like they're growing already. *wipes away proud tear.* 

Nothing says perfect houseplant quite like something that is forgiving and easy. For something that can happily live hanging from the roof, you can feel free to purchase any cute pot your heart desires. The smaller they are, the better they are at being photo props. Because that's the reason we want house plants in the first place. Don't lie. 
No matter the reason you want them, you'll soon fall in love caring for your little plant babies.  

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. These are gorgeous! I'm so bad at keeping things alive so I'lll definitely be checking them out :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. They really are, the pink one caught my attention immediately and I just had to have it. This is my fist time keeping plants so I'm cheating a little with plants that are a little more tolerant ahah!

  2. I love little planties. So cute.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. Some might even say too cute? I say that, that's me.

  3. Cool post!
    All the images on your blog are just so beautiful!


    1. Uoowww, thank you! That means a lot, I spend way to much time thinking about the imagery on here aha


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