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Why Rosehip Oil Is The Best Addition To The Beauty Cabinet

After hitting and missing it with an acne scar cure-all, I was just about to give up. There is no hope.
I had tried everything I knew of until I realised that I hadn't. It was beauty blogger Sheri from Behind The Frames who made me realise I'd tried and given up way too soon. There's a little thing called Rosehip oil and astonishingly, I hadn't even considered it until she had a little rave about it and how well it works for acne scars.
For someone who uses a rosehip cleanser, you'd think I would have at least thought about it but alas, I was oblivious to the natural healing powers of this miracle natural oil. Until Sheri and her rave (haha) which inspired me to give it a go myself.
Would it fade my scars? Would it prevent further ones? Will it break me out? These were the questions I had as I carefully selected my first bottle of oil. 

Did you know that not all rosehip oils just contain rosehip? Shocker, I know. Some of the bottles I inspected had ingredients other than the oil. To which I was like, "Why?" Playing it safe I chose a bottle with only one ingredient. Rosehip oil
Over the next few days, I was to try it and find out just how well it works. I was to gather my findings to decide if it will have a permanent place in my beauty cabinet. (Which is just my vanity but a cabinet sounds better.)
Finding #1. 
My scars have, indeed, begun to fade. Oh, rosehip oil, magical, mystical rosehip oil. As per the instructions, I began massaging it into my face prior to moisturising. After a few days, the results were clear. My scars looked much better, lighter and not so obvious. My skin felt softer and looked like it was glowing. I don't hate my makeup-less skin as much anymore. 
What could be an even better bonus is the fact that it did not break me out. *cough bio-oil cough* In fact, it may have even prevented further breakouts. Quite impressed rosehip oil. Keep it up. 

Finding #2.
It's a pretty rad makeup base. As we know, I mostly use powder foundation and so a good base is most important. I accidentally discovered this one. 
The story is this. I had applied a new foundation, which was too dark, and had to take it off. To save my skin, I massaged the rosehip oil before reapplying my foundation. Now, I was in a bit of a hurry so waiting for it to sink in wasn't an option. So, I immediately rubbed in my primer and started buffing in my powder. 

Lo and behold, the powder foundation stuck to the oily base, causing it to look higher in coverage. My foundation was smooth and flawless while my skin was getting the royal treatment from the oil below. Oh man, this just keeps getting better. 

Finding #3.
With its natural restorative properties and vitamins, my skin looks and feels so much healthier. It mixes into moisturiser so easily and doesn't leave an oily film. It sinks in pretty well too. The adorable dropper makes it easy to control how much you use. 

I'm quite excited to see how else I can use it. Maybe add a few drops into a liquid foundation. Or drop it into the powder foundation (oh, that's an idea.) I can imagine it working well with primer or any face product to help protect, nourish and restore the skin. 

This writer is very happy with her purchase and thinks rosehip oil is definitely, the best addition to the beauty cabinet. 

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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