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So What Does Bio-oil Even Do?

Not a whole lot aside from the odd multiple breakouts. Reading Into The Gloss' Bio-oil post got me thinking about my experience with the stuff. It also helped me realise certain things about my use and a few coincidences that aren't quite so coincidental. Upon reading positive reviews on the stuff and fighting with my unfortunate acne scars left after the breakout battle of '14, I very much wanted to try this so called "magical" Bio-oil out for myself. If nothing else short of drinking more water was helping, why not see if this will be my cure all? 

Luckily for me, my mother already had a bottle and handed hers down to me so that I wouldn't need to waste $15. She had no problems handing it off as it didn't entirely do very much for her. Excited to try out a new skincare product, I had plans to start implementing it into my routine straight away.
"Apply twice daily," says the bottle. Already off to a disappointing start now aren't we? Twice daily? Heck, I only cleanse, tone and moisturise every second day. Needless to say, I did not apply this twice daily. Unimportant technicalities aside, I got into a somewhat habit of applying it directly on my scars before I moisturised. Sometimes on the days I skipped cleansing.
After a few days, I noticed my scars getting slightly lighter, but also an unhappy coincidence that occurred at the same time. Only, it took me until now to realise it.
Breakouts. Popping up two at a time on the areas that I was applying the Bio-oil. It was, technically, producing more scars than it was helping old ones. When I skipped applying the oil and focused on clearing up the breakouts, they disappeared. Then re-appeared when I used the oil again. 
It explains why I stopped using it, only I didn't take the time to think about it. I mostly let it go because I was too lazy to keep it up. (Twice daily? Seriously?) And it makes sense, after reading the comments left on ITG, apparently Mineral Oil is the first ingredient alongside fragrances and colouring. Yes, I only just learned what was inside a product I was applying on my skin regularly. Well done me, gold star, 10 points. 

It wasn't long before I started skipping using the oil on my scars. Only applying it to my piercing scar, and on the corner of my mouth where the skin gets dry (attractive, no? Apparently I drool from that very corner...)
The positives being that the hole where my piercing was has shrunk and looks nicer, although it probably would have done that on its own. And the dry patch of skin became softer and is now all better. However, ordinary oils would have done the same thing. 

So, what does Bio-oil do? My verdict, short of making your skin feel very soft, not a whole lot. Should you waste money on it? Only if you think you'll get a better response from it. Is it worth its apparent hype? Probably not. 

Photo by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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