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The Exciting Latest In Beauty News

In case you missed it, or you want to hear about it again (because let's face it, this stuff is so exciting we want to hear about it all day every day.) The latest happenings, announcements, and news is the most exciting part of fashion and beauty. Can I get an amen? A new designer, a new collection, a new book. It's all about the shiny new thing. And oh, how we all love a shiny new thing.
What I love about beauty are the new revolutionary products and collections that are always being churned out. Something new, pretty, something never before done by a brand, a new spin on an old product. I get ever so excited when I scroll through twitter in the morning to get the headlines. The latest of what the industry has to offer. Something new hundreds of people have worked extremely hard on for months to create. I can't help but think about the future industry-relevant history books that will mention these things, "The history of Sephora." Maybe, I'm getting ahead of myself.

This past month gliding into August has been an exciting one, and a memorable one, in terms of the latest offerings and happenings. So much so, that I couldn't help but gather my top 4 favorite announcements, that I'm excited about, that I'm sure some may agree are totes exciting. 

Wildfox is releasing a fragrance. Their first fragrance. 

A fashion leader, now soon to enter the world of beauty. Yes, that's right. In a matter of just one more day, Wildfox will release their very own perfume that will surely become the signature scent for every die-hard fan.
The bottle looks stunning, a mixture of high-end luxe and their classic signature carefree boho energy. And in collaboration with Elizabeth Arden herself, what more could you want?
As a perfume lover myself, I'm quite excited. Even though it's unlikely that I'd get my hands on it anytime soon.

Louboutin to do a lipstick range. 

The second half of this year is shaping up to be the year of firsts. In September, the iconic shoe designer will release his first lipstick line. A brilliant follow up to the nail polish collection don't you think? The packaging looks stunning, complete with pointed ends and sleek casings, topped off with a (crown?) embellished lid. Of course, they won't come cheap, and someone like me will probably never own one. But they're so gorgeous and the thought of this being revolutionary for the brand get's me all excited.

Sephora is coming to Melbourne! (Australia, btw.)

*Pinkie Pie voice* Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh, OH GOSH! I literally started screaming when I heard this news and jumped for joy. A Melbournian myself, and someone who had to travel to Sydney before to visit the beauty giant, this was music to my ears. More so because now I can go in-store to purchase the full-size, Le Marc. Better yet, it's expected to be ready by Christmas (Merry Christmas amiright?) and will be located in the hella convenient location of Melbourne Central.
I don't want to be ungrateful and say finally (because we got H&M first) but, finally!
The wait is over Melbourne! It's official, we'll be opening our doors at Melbourne Central before Christmas! We can't wait to see your beautiful faces soon! Stay tuned for more launch day details 
Posted by Sephora Australia on Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Speaking of Sephora - They're coming out with a brand new subscription box. 

Although, so far, this is a US-only thing it's still pretty exciting in terms of beauty subscription boxes. We already have a plethora of beauty sub boxes in our midst, but we don't have one quite like what Sephora will be bringing. The box is said to only cost $10 a month, and will include samples from all of the brands Sephora stocks, as well as VIP access to events and some free extras. Basically, it's the best way to test out products in a win-win situation. Win-win for you. You can only win here.
I've only ever considered subbing to a few boxes in my time, but if this were in Australia, I could (almost) guarantee I would (probably) think about considering this one.
All very exciting if you ask me. I know I'm excited.
Is anything exciting you? Did you miss it or are we gonna gush about it together?

Top photo by Sheree Grace
Louboutin lipsticks via Refinery29
Marc Jacobs collection image via Harper's Bazaar

- Sheree


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