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A quick, on the go makeup brush cleaning hack

The lazy girls guide to makeup brush cleaning. Now that's a sentence I can get on with. It's a well-known fact that we women love our makeup, and we love our brushes. But we hate cleaning said makeup off our said brushes. The reasons are endless, take your pick: laziness, too time consuming, it's damn tedious. So then we run out and buy more, so we don't have to clean them. (Resulting in more brushes to clean. Oh, it's a vicious cycle.) Or we just use our dirty brushes anyway and exclaim two days later that our faces have broken out. 

Too many times I've let my brushes go because the effort of washing them is too great. Pour shampoo into a water bowl, swish, rub, scrub, rinse, repeat. Ugh. Now isn't that a song we've all heard a dozen times?
Similarly, too many times I've used a dirty brush because I've forgotten to wash them beforehand and had no choice. 
Well, no more I say! 

In an effort to find the quickest/laziest way to clean my brushes on the go, I turned to the products I know make great makeup removers. I also remembered a similar tip from one of the many beauty YouTubers I subscribe to.
I never expected it to work the way it did. But boy, it changed my life.

Here's your scenario: your brushes a dirty and you need to use them in about 2 minutes. Washing them as per the usual way takes too long, and the brushes will be too wet to use. *Panic*
Don't panic.
Here's your solution: got that micellar water? Great. Dig out that bottle of coconut oil I know you have, and you're good to go.
A little coconut oil, a dash of micellar water. Swirl it together with a makeup brush and force a wicked cackle because you know this feels like you're mixing up a potion. 
Before your very eyes, you start to see the product vanish. After you've swirled it up, you take the brush to the sink and rinse with water. 
What's this I see? The brush is spotlessly clean! Oh, my like magic. 

The bacteria-killing properties in the coconut oil sanitises the bristles. While simultaneously working with the micellar water to attract the dirt like a magnet. Pulling the product off and leaving the brush completely clean. 
Plus, bonus, the bristles are now super soft and well nourished. 

The best thing about this trick, and what surprised me the most, is that once they've towel dried, they're completely dry and ready to use straight away. 
I'm no science buff, but I'm assuming the oil creates a barrier that stops the water from getting into the bristles. So they don't end up soaked.
Brilliant, no?
I won't complain about the technicalities of why they end up dry, the brushes are now clean, soft and sanitised. 
And probably, in much better condition than washing them with shampoo. 

While I wouldn't only use this method to clean my brushes, it's the best method to quickly clean in a rush. Without using expensive, harsh cleaners. 
It damn well impressed me. 
10/10 would recommend. 

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. Ooh, cool idea. I tend to just take a pack of cleansing wipes to wipe my brushes clean on when I'm on the go, I never feel like it's particularly effective though. Will give this a go!

    Misia xx

    1. Oh wow that's a nifty idea, never thought of doing that! Then again, my first idea was this one so I didn't really need to think beyond it haha. It really is a clever little trick, you def should, I love it!

  2. I need some coconut oil, but I will definitely give this a go!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. It's so great for when you forget to wash, like all the time let's be honest here.

  3. I wash them as I always have. Dish soap and olive oil :) I remember you used to wash them like that. Always have those two in the kitchen so its cheaper and it works. Never ruined any of my brushes. The higher end and the cheaper ones :))
    Check out Baby Bottle Brush Cleaning Set.


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