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What Happened When I Tried An Extensive Layering Skincare Routine

I was exhausted that's what happened.
I'm a minimalist at heart this is not new information. I am a huge skin care enthusiast, but I love it when my routine is minimal and limited to just a few products. I mean can you imagine standing in the bathroom for half an hour applying products to your face every night? Ugh, just give me a face mask and call it a night. So extensive products that require layering are ones I avoid like the plague.

But here's the thing, so many people actually, do that with their skincare routines and they wouldn't have it any other way. Which, I find crazy. While I believe one or two products should give you maximum results, other's prefer a heap to get the same result. 
But which way is better?
So, when given the chance to try out an extensive routine, and answer that question, I figured why not? Let's see what it does, if it works, and if you (really) need to layer that many products. 

The products used for this experiment had to be extensive. It had to have a bunch of products that all layered together to achieve one final result. (That I could probably get from just one product.)
Enter: the Australian, Intraceuticals Opulence range.* 
The end goal: to brighten, reduce the appearance of blemishes (hello, acne scars) and rejuvenate the skin. (I can already think of one face mask that can do all that in one go.)
The number of products to layer: 5 (5 too many if you ask me, who has that kind of time? or energy.) 
The first step was to cleanse. Okay easy enough. I enjoy cleansing, and I usually do that in the shower. Nothing too dramatic. 
This one lathered up impressively for a smooth, soft, creamy formula, and massaged into the face nicely. It washed off just as easily, leaving my skin feeling, oh my gosh, very soft and smooth. 
Now, the instructions say to "repeat" but my skin felt so squeaky clean that there is no repeating necessary. Trust me. 
Aside from my skin feeling amaze there wasn't a whole lot it did for me. It's a really nice cleanser, though.

The next step was the daily serum. Which I first thought was a moisturiser and was on board. But then I realised there were three more steps and began to question why the heck this was necessary.  
It's thin and silky with a very weird scent. To be blunt. The serum dries on the skin almost instantly and OH MY! How soft is my skin right now? 
Aside from the softness, nothing too noticeable. Remind me why there are so many steps again?

Step three was the hydration gel
Okay, are you kidding me? I'm already so tired. 
A gel-like consistency (obviously) with a pleasant smell that was buttery smooth and easy to blend into the skin. 
Now here's the kicker - my skin no longer feels as soft as it did before this step. 
That's all.

The moisture cream. Finally! The last step. Now we're onto moisturising but now I don't understand the need to moisturise after we've already done that, like, twice? 
Soft, thin and silky, this blends into the skin like a good moisturiser should. And, just like any good moisturiser, it begins to sink in immediately sans greasy film or slimy leftover. 
How does my skin feel now? ~HeLLA silky SOFT~ 
It smells like a sharpie but here is where it gets exciting. 

I think my skin looks brighter, just a little bit. My scars have lightened just a tad, my skin glows and (now get this) my black undereye circles have lightened! They look better and not so dark. The difference is minimal, but it's the first thing I notice. 

Oh, but wait, haha there's still another step. *ugh* 

The brightening wand. Or pen if you live in the real world. 
Technically, this was also step two. But (rebel alert) I did this the next day. 
This brush-tipped pen applied a thin cream that spread easily on detailed areas and dried immediately. 
Skin = soft and smooth. 
This was applied to my circles and acne scars but while the difference was virtually non-existent for the rest of the day, I can see how it would soften under the eyes.   
After all that, my skin was left super smooth and my skin tone more even (blemishes lighter.)
But aside from that, not a whole lot happened. 
Don't get me wrong, I'm impressed. But honestly, I don't think you need that many products and I don't think layering is necessary. I don't know how those beauty gurus do it. If they even actually, do.

From what I discovered, you could probably begin and end with the cleanser and moisturiser. Maybe the "wand" for targeted areas.
You might argue that I noticed differences because of the layering. But I say you'll still see some differences regardless. Even if it takes a little more time.
Also, should we be worried that I noticed a difference straight away? 

Sulfate, paraben, fragrance and cruelty-free. I think the products themselves are great, but the extensive layering? Not so much. Stick to one or two products.
Phew, I'm ready for bed *wipes sweat from brow* 

*Products gifted for consideration, all opinions and words completely my own.
Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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