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Prepping The Skin For Autumn/Spring With These Face Masks

Ahh, face masks. The beauty industries most ingenious creation. They do it all in just one easy step and are the lazy girls' staple. And they're absolute, hilarious. It was just the other day when I had my face covered in a bright green mask that my sister walked into the bathroom with her face hidden behind a sheet mask. Staring in the mirror, we laughed out loud at how ridiculous we both looked. 
The things we do for beauty. 

Although sometimes silly looking, face masks are the essential tool to quickly, and efficiently, help the skin when seasons change. Heading into autumn and your skin is drying out? Face mask. Rocketing into spring and your skin needs some balance and much-needed winter rescue? Face mask.
Need to gently exfoliate? Face mask. Need some hydration? Water. Nah, also a face mask. (Water helps too, but that's no fun.)
Yes, all our problems can be solved with a face mask. And isn't it just the most adult thing you can do? 

I've never met a face mask I didn't like, and I need to have one in my beauty cabinet at all times. And so, trying new face masks is an imperative part of my routine. They are the one beauty product you don't need to commit to, and they're easy to change up. There is also a disappointing lack of masks available (step it up, Priceline.)

Now that the seasons have changed, it's the perfect time to find a new mask to prep or repair the skin.
So, I set out to try two new products in hopes of being amazed.

Perfect For Autumn. 

- The sheet mask -

Featuring: (against my better judgment) Hada Labo Tokyo's Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask
Okay, I'll quickly explain why this was against my better judgment. I lied before. I have met a face mask I didn't like, and it was the sheet mask. They horrify me. Like, serious AHS sh*t.

This sheet mask was everything I imagined it would be. Horrifying and sheet mask-y. 
Saturated in serum, I held my breath and placed it on my skin before settling in bed for some quality Netflix time. Locked and loaded with Vitamin C, the silky, soft texture was about the only thing I loved. Once I managed to get it to stop slipping on my face, I let myself relax which, wasn't that hard. 
The mask was cooling, soft and therefore, relaxing. 
I didn't look in the mirror the entire time. 
I waited probably about 5 minutes before yanking it from my face. I really, dislike these masks. 

The serum left a thin, watery residue behind that I rubbed into the skin and left to sit. It's the leftover residue that is the real mask, as it slowly dried on the skin but didn't sink in. As my face dried it felt tighter yet, simultaneously cool. 
And sticky. *Blegh* 
Against the instructions better judgment, I washed my face and patted it dry to reveal soft, slightly bouncier skin. My skin felt cool, nourished and rejuvenated. But, nothing too special.
My sister used them twice, pleased and with more love for them than me. 

Verdict: not for everyone. I loved the cooling, relaxing and soft effect it had on me, but I think I'm going to stick to my clay masks.

Perfect For Spring.

- The clay/cream mask -

Holding the heavy, black, shiny tub in my hand, I fell in love instantly. The luxe packaging holds inside a fun, bouncy creme that settles back into formation upon usage. Kind of like memory foam?

It smells like dirt. Or roasted peanuts. 
I can't decide, but I strangely love it? It's a sign that there are no added fragrances which, is what you want in any skin care treatment. 

Although technically not a face mask, this creme acts like one and can be treated like one.
It spreads over the skin like a breeze and settles down instantly. It's invisible so you can't see it and extremely lightweight. After a few short minutes, it has dried on the skin creating a tight barrier.
While you don't need to remove it, I always do. Gently rubbing my fingers over the skin, the mask peels away and I follow up with a wet face towel.

Holy, my skin is SO DAMN SOFT! This creme is exfoliating, and thus, any rough patches were smoothed out. Allowing my skin to shine in its newly found radiance! 
Easy, no mess at all. I had a lovely little glow with tight skin that did look a little renewed. 

My skin was left a little red, hot and irritated afterward, however, I can't tell if the mask is supposed to do that or not. (Because it provides oxygen to newly exposed skin cells after removing dead ones.) It wasn't an issue and went down after a while.

Verdict: Oh man, I love this! Despite slight irritation, my skin feels amazing when I use this and am inclined to keep using it.

The best autumn masks are those that rejuvenate and moisturize to help with the harsh drying winds and temperatures. We don't want to exfoliate and expose vulnerable skin to the elements. In autumn, we need to prepare the skin for the cold, make it stronger so it can stand the weather better. Anything saturated in a moisturizing serum is golden.

While the best ones for spring, will help repair the winter's damage, remove dead skin cells and allow the skin to shine. It also helps shed any nasty oils that may accumulate with the new found heat. Anything too wet may make you feel more greasy. If it's gentle, that's your best bet.

Although, any mask can be used at any time. Let's be real here. 

*Products gifted for consideration, all opinions and words completely my own.

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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