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How My Life Changed When I Tried Contouring With Blush

Because contouring like a normal person isn't hard enough.
Contouring is part of almost every girls' makeup routine, except mine. For me, your resident pale girl, contouring is absolutely horrifying. I mean it's not like I haven't tried. But no matter how little product I use, or how much I blend, I still end up looking like I've smudged dirt across my face. And I don't look cute. 
How do people do it? 

It was Marie Claire who brought an alternative into my life, an alternative that takes two steps and makes it just one. The perfect pale girl, contouring compromise.  It was almost as if they heard my cries and responded with, "Hey, just add blush!" 
Blush!? I hear you cry. You must be thinking it because I know I was. 
Yes, blush. The most underrated beauty product so says, Pat McGrath. Also another product I'm deathly afraid of because (I learned the hard way) a little too much against white skin can make you look disastrous. Which, resulted in my blushes being wasted and rarely used.  

The idea is simply to contour as normal, only using a peach-pink blush and focusing on the cheekbones, brow bone, and temples and blending like your life depends on it. 

This not only creates shadows but warms up the face giving you a natural flush. It's literally, blush and contour in just one step. Easy right? 
Haha sure, easy. 
Taking the peachy-pink blush and a contour brush, I began by blending, swirling and buffing.
The technique:
Start at the temples.
Swirl the product down to the brow bone then,
Disconnecting from the face, blend just below the cheekbone.
(The way Cara demonstrates in the above diagram.) 

Or actually, (in reality) I started at the temples and then stopped immediately, as I stared, eyes wide, in shock horror at what I had just done. 

I immediately realised this requires a VERY minimal amount of product and A LOT of blending. (Holy, so much red.)  

Tip: keep another brush on hand so you can blend out the blush to diffuse it. Your dirty foundation brush will help to cover it up while blending, simultaneously.

In a panic, I swapped my contour brush for my buffing brush, blending and diffusing the blush. Because I seriously, looked like I was sunburned. This is not how it's supposed to look I'm sure of it.
The key is to make it look as subtle and natural as possible. 
I topped it with some translucent powder to help lighten it some more and I was done. 

"Wow," I whispered.
Taking a step back and looking in the mirror, I immediately noticed the difference.
I looked a little more chiseled with a subtle, natural flush on my cheeks. I looked healthy and glowing while the contour created some shadowing that sucked in my face just the tiniest bit. 
It looked really, good! I like it!  
What I learned in the process, was that a little bit of product goes a long way. The key is to start with a little product and build it up. And blend, blend, blend.

To recap: this is simply contouring with a peach-pink blush. It's more subtle and provides a healthy flush to the skin. 

For something so scary it provides a high-end catwalk feel. And it isn't all that scary once you figure the technique out. 
I felt a little bit like a profesh while doing this like I was unlocking some secret and doing something that was so vintage. The finished look had me checking myself out every 5 minutes and excitedly jumping around at this new technique that will probably find it's way into my everyday routine. 

My life has changed now. I'll definitely, be spending time perfecting this technique from here on out. 
Very fun, great results and highly recommend. Especially, for the pale girls. give it a whirl! 

Photos by Sheree Grace
Diagram photo via Marie Claire - Getty, design by Jen Baumgardner

- Sheree



  1. great post!

  2. This sounds awesome, I'll definitely be giving this a go Sheree!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. It was def an adventure and quite the fun thing to do, even better when I was actually pleased with the results! I do love trying out the new beauty things ahah

  3. Love this post and love the photos, your hair is an amazing colour and the dusty filter you used gives a 90s vibe! x

    Albana Janjeva | Stylist | | Skinnydip London Giveaway

    1. Thank you dear! Haha, I never thought the photos could give off that vibe but now that you mention it that's pretty awesome, I'm just gonna pretend that was intentional now...

  4. I've tried contouring once: failed! I'm keen on trying with a blush and the diagram helps. One question though, do you use a matte or shimmery blush? P.S. Congrats on the IFB LALM feature!

    1. Haha, yes that was me! Failed so hard doing normal contour, uggh me. Matte blush, all the way. Using a blush as a contour in general can be quite "Woah" so it's best not to draw too much attention the first few times, you know? I think you could use a slight shimmer blush just to the cheekbones (just a little) but I've only been brave enough to use matte ahah! (Then again, you never know, it could look

      And thank you dear!

  5. This in quite interesting.. I've been wanting to try contouring. but I agree all these productssss and steps equals omg.. I am not an avid wearer of blush.. but looks like this will change

    1. Yep, totes agree! My blushes went to waste for so long because I was like "Oh hell yes, I'm gonna wear blush!" and then just could never be bothered ahah. I love the way this looks on me so much tho that I may have to use this technique daily?

  6. Love this post. I'm for sure going to try this using my coppery blush that doubles as a bronzer.


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