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Finding Your Signature Scent

Saying that always reminds me of Blair Waldorf because having a signature scent is just so Blair, don't you think? I'm always transported back to when she was trying to seduce Chuck at the hotel bar, "I've been looking for a new signature scent, and I can't decide which one I like." Oh, the struggle is real.
I've gone through many "signature scents" in my time, most of which were just my favourite perfume or spray at the time. They never lasted very long after I grew out of them. But, nevertheless, they were a signature as I wore them every day and when people caught a whiff, they immediately knew I was nearby. I even got a few, "this smells like you" comments (in a good way) from time to time.

A signature is an extension of you. It's your personality, and if you're lucky, it can stick with you for years. 

I think every woman should have a signature scent. It's her go-to when she's going out or when she's trying to impress. If she's unsure of what perfume to spray her signature is what she'll reach for. When people get a whiff of a particular smell or note that resonates with her perfume, they'll immediately think of her.

My current scent happened upon almost, accident. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had my May issue of Harper's Bazaar that came with a redeemable voucher for a free sample of Karl Lagerfeld's for her perfume. As excited as I get over perfumes and Karl I redeemed that voucher and walked away with my sample.
The very next day I had claimed it as my signature. It was just me through-and-through. It was both sweet and floral, musky and not at all overpowering. It made me happy, and I couldn't stop smelling my wrists throughout the day. And voila, my signature scent happened.

- Finding Your Signature Scent - 

What's your flavour?

To find a signature scent, you must first figure out what kind of scent you love the most. Are you a lover of all things sickly sweet? Are you drawn towards the sugary, candy flavours? Or maybe you prefer fresh florals with hints of musk. You might prefer more masculine scents, earthy, woody tones. Whatever you prefer, pick a scent that is a little more subtle than that. You don't want to get sick of something that's too sweet. So (for example) aim towards a sweet scent that is a little more subtle or has hints of sandalwood or roses to tone it down. 

Smell everything!

If there are tester cards at the perfume display, use them. Spritz just once on a card and let the air get to it before you take a whiff. Then repeat with all the scents you think you may want to buy. The great thing about perfume is that you never know what you'll like until you smell them, and your signature scent will jump out at you as soon as you smell it. 
Even better, re-visit the scent after 5 minutes of oxidisation to see if it has changed. Some scents may alter once the air gets to them, and they may even 'turn' on your skin. So make sure you take that into account and spray your wrist with your top 3 to make sure it doesn't smell bad on you with your personal PH levels. 

Splurge just a little bit.

Although cheap perfumes are great for your bank account (and can smell nice) there's a reason they're cheap. They tend to be made with cheap ingredients and have shorter expiry dates. The scent can also change much faster. To get a (really) nice signature scent that will hold up longer, go for something that's a little bit pricier. They also tend to be worth the money. You'll find something you like much easier this way too. 

Go designer. 

This is the same as above. Designer perfumes are more than just the name. You're not paying for the name only, but you're also paying for quality. And many of these perfumes are made to be signatures (like Karl's.) They don't mess around at those fancy ateliers and a Dior perfume has likely been through months, if not years, of production, to get to the finished product. These designers have a reputation to uphold here. 
These scents will stand the test of time, are less likely to be discontinued, changed or removed and will last you longer. 

Or go celebrity. These aren't made with nearly as much care, but they are supposed to be (somewhat) unique. 

Get yourself a sample.

Once you narrow down what you think could be your signature scent, see if you're able to get a sample of it. You should be able to do that anywhere but definitely in stores like Sephora, Myer and David Jones. Simply ask the lovely sales person behind the counter if it's possible to acquire a sample in said perfume. If you're nice, they can pour a little into a mini spray bottle for you to take home. 

When you get your sample/s home, test them out for a few days in a row. Spray one where you normally do and trial it over a few days. If you still love it and find yourself not being able to live without it, congratulations! You've just found your signature scent! 

I love having a signature scent among a few other favourites I rotate on the regular. It defines me and completes my look. It means I have a go-to when I don't feel like wearing the others, and if I have an important meeting, interview or place to be? I grab Karl, and I know I'm set. Easy-peasy.

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. Great advice. I really think I want Daisy by Marc Jacobs to be my signature scent. I'm just a big fan.

    1. I've heard such amaze things about Daisy though I don't know if I've ever smelled it (naughty me.) I'm a fan of anything Marc tho so it would be an amaze signature scent!


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