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Why It's OK For Bloggers To Post Sponsored Content & #AD's

I could just stop here with the following answer - because bloggers need to make money too. But what kind of a column would this be if I didn't discuss this? 
I'm not talking about me when discussing this unnecessarily controversial topic, but rather the many popular bloggers who collaborate with brands and get paid for it. Because that's what it is, bloggers collaborating. 

It's the bloggers (and Youtubers) who disclaim a sponsored post or use the #AD and then have people complaining in the comments. As if, just because they got paid (the same as any other job) all of a sudden, they're discredited as a creative. Which, somehow affects everyone else.
"How dare you get paid for doing something you love!" 
"How dare you work with someone in a business co-operation!"
Or that hashtag on Instagram, when you scroll to the likes and their count is less than half their usual. With hardly any comments, unlike their usual. All of a sudden people choose not to support a sponsored post, even though that post was completely written, photographed, styled and created purely by the hands of said blogger. 
And you know what? That annoys me and it's not even my content. 

For some of us, blogging is not a quick cash fix. Or an alternative to going out and getting an office job. We know that's unrealistic.

Some of us blog because we're passionate about creating content, and we work hard to build it as a business and brand. 

We don't do the bare minimum, we live, breath, business and blogging. 
To us, our blog is our career. We want it to be either a full-time or part-time career or we want it to help further a similar career path. 
Serious bloggers are writers, publishers, photographers, social media managers and marketing strategists. (Some even qualified in any of the said areas.)
With that said, why shouldn't bloggers get paid?

Said bloggers deserve to get back what they put in for working so hard.

Just like any business, generating revenue is just one goal. A business can't run to its full potential if there is no revenue coming in. And the best way to do so? Collaborating with other brands and businesses. That means sponsored content and #ADs. 

Not to mention the sponsor's themselves need to advertise and promote, the best way to do so is by reaching out to influencers. It's a win-win business collab. 

The content created, was created with the same amount of creativity, as any other content they've created.

Just because something was paid for, doesn't mean the words that were written, or the photographs that were taken, weren't genuine. It's their content it was just paid for by someone else. With maybe, one or two specific keywords thrown in, as per sponsor request. 
What's so bad about that? 

The sponsored content will almost always be relevant to the blog's niche.

Collaborating with a brand that fits in with the blogger and niche is like a dream come true. Every beauty blogger dreams of working with Marc Jacobs beauty while every fashion blogger dreams of working with Chanel. I can tell you right now if I was approached by MJ beauty or even Rimmel London to work on a post, I'd damn well jump on that. 
If the post is organic to the blog, what difference does it make if the blogger generated income from it? 

While there are bloggers who don't aim to make money, or to have a career out of their online venture, (which, is ok too) there are also bloggers who do. And that's okay as well. 
There's nothing wrong with sponsored content, and you should still support it. The blogger put in a lot of effort to make that post work for their audience, so show it some love. 
None of this, "I'm not going to like this Insta photo because it was sponsored by Simple Skincare," business. 

No, this post was not sponsored.
Photo by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. Great post Sheree! I totally agree. I love blogging, and I do it for free 99% of the time, but it's also really cool to get occasionally paid for doing something I love!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. Yes, exactly! And you totes should, nothing wrong with it no matter the mission statement of the blog ahah. All good things, all good things.

  2. Interesting article. While I also think we need to re-evaluate how we look at blogging and earning I am not exactly sure sponsored content is the best way to do it, although definitely think that bloggers should be able to make a profit from their blogs. This is actually a subject I am very passionate about and am working on a blog post (which is a bit radical!) about the subject so it was nice to read another blogger's insight as well.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. That's perfectly reasonable! I'm a firm believer that sponsorships are okay (granted the sponsorships are relevant and such) while I also think it's okay to find other ways to generate revenue outside of that. I'm just def a big believer in being supportive of everyone within this community, no matter how they generate it.
      That sounds super interesting, though, your article, I def think this topic should be talked about more from every angle and opinion! Radical is the best way to do anything ahah I'd be excited to read it!

    2. will definitely let you know when i post it!

    3. will definitely let you know when i post it!

  3. I agree with you, and think you really explained very well! It's something amazing to get paid to do something you love doing.


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