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Tell-tale Signs It's No Longer Winter

Don't get me wrong, spring can lovely it's just the season after it that I dread. Autumn and winter are my seasons, and it's a damn shame when they change. I'll be the first one to say I'm in heavy denial when winter ends, holding onto any last shred of the seasons rain, cold and gloomy weather.
However, there comes a point when it's so obvious winter is over that even I can't deny the signs. One day you just feel it
Yep, it's spring time again. 
Get out your tissues and get ready to tackle your allergies, the new-born insects and quickly increasing heat and humidity that everyone will soon be complaining about non-stop until summer is over. (But also cute new-born animals, pleasant weather and colourful sidewalks.) 

For these, are the obvious tell-tale signs that it's no longer winter. 

You wake up and see the sun is shining.
You never thought you'd see the sun again at 7 am shining without a single dark cloud or droplet of water. It just looks warm outside.  

It is warm outside. 
No need to wear two+ pairs of socks anymore, layers of clothing and a thick scarf. You only need one pair of socks, can skimp on the layers and you finally get to wear those jackets you bought that weren't appropriate for winter. 

You start seeing weird, scary bugs emerge and giant spiders cling to your windows.
It seems that different bug species have mated over winter and are now producing mutant creatures. Don't laugh, I saw that once. It was a massive black flying thing that buzzed like a hornet but looked like something from the desert. Not even joking. It was horrifying.
Also spiders. All the spiders. You can tell it's spring when they come out of hiding. 

The pretty blooms you forgot you had in your backyard.
Since when did we have those flowers on that tree?!? And since when was my backyard this pink?
So pretty. 
There are more stray cats around. 

The fruit trees flourish.
If you have fruit trees of your own, you'll notice they start to produce annoying amounts of fruit. And buying strawberries from the supermarket becomes easier. They're bigger, healthier, juicier. Mangoes are in season!

Fruit bats fly in.
This is my favourite part of spring because I love bats. Once the fruit trees begin to thrive the bats hone in to take advantage, and you see them flying around more.
We get a beautiful bat or two every year when our fruit trees produce nectarines and persimmons. They make a home for themselves and we often see them "hanging around" munching on the fruit.
~squee, so cute~

Aside from the occasional stuffy noses and your body trying to adjust, you feel a little bit better.
Maybe it's the sun or maybe it's the warmth, but you're feeling a little bit brighter, cheerier and more motivated. You're inspired and it feels so great. Getting out of bed isn't so hard to do anymore.

Above all, you can just tell when winter is over. As nature makes the seasonal change evident, we take notice and feel it too.
While I don't mind spring, I can't say I'm happy to see it. Summer is close by and we all know how much Australian summers suck.
I try to remain positive, however, and will embrace spring while holding onto those cold days that still linger in the wake of the deceased rainy season.

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. oh my god i'm already scared of summer. It's barely warm here yet and I just know Summer is going to kill me!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. ooh, girl TELL ME ABOUT IT! Spring always goes so damn quick and summer takes so damn long. All the dread, all the dread

  2. I am so with you, Autumn/Winter > Spring/Summer, but I love this list. There's so much cuteness in Spring, and I gotta be honest I have missed the sun just a little bit. Also, fruit bats! <3 such cuties.

    Lani :) - Peach Melba

    1. Here's looking on the bright side amiright! There's just so much more to enjoy about A/W. Yes I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE FRUIT BATS TO COME IN! Especially heading into Halloween, nothing says Halloween like bats in the sky!


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