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The Beauty Products That Changed My Beauty Game

Once upon a time, there was a girl who didn't wear a lick of makeup until she was 18. She was a total noob and didn't have a clue when it came to products. Eyeliner pencils made up her entire makeup bag and her Taylor Momsen inspired eyes usually bled throughout the day.
Then, sometime during her 19th year, she became a little more invested in this beauty stuff and begun to explore. Every year since, her mind has been blown as new products entered her life and changed her beauty game, forever

Okay, you caught me. That girl was totally me. How things change eh?
Now older and wiser my makeup routine is filled, with things that have revolutionised my life. And now I wonder how the heck I ever lived without them. How does one use an eyeliner pencil? To do a cat eye, no less? Lord knows I never learned, much to my cringe-worthy discovery. 
With the invention of dry shampoo and matte everything, the lives of females everywhere have been changed.  

For me, it was with the few ingenious products that stepped up my makeup and skin care game. They make things easier, quicker and better. Where have you been all my life and why did it take me so long to discover your wonders? 

The felt tip eyeliner.

I can just imagine the person who invented this, looking at a Sharpie on the table and thinking, "Man, if only I could just use that for eyeliner. That would make my life so much easier." *Lightbulb* "OH! I could just stick some liner in a pen!" Bam. Felt tip liner. 
Cat eye? Cinch. Eyeliner routine? 2 minutes. This product has changed my life and I'm never looking back. Super easy to use and control with no mess and no maintenance. 

Matte nail polish top coat.

I was embarrassingly late on this bandwagon, but now I can't imagine a manicure without it. Your nails look fab and, let's face it, I'm not a big fan of super glossy nails. The first time using a matte top coat changed me. Now, I'm a matte finish snob. And I hate it. But also love it.

Rosehip oil.

I may have used a facial oil before, but I've never used one like this. Incredibly lightweight, non-greasy, sinks in, buttery soft skin and fades scars like those caused by acne. Brilliant! It can be worn; under makeup, with moisturiser or alone. The possibilities are endless. Sorry old facial oils but I think I'm in love.

Face masks.

My love for face masks is eternal. Sometimes I'll face mask instead of cleansing my face. Why not? They're easy and do a whole lot in just one go. Want softer skin? Treat those blemishes? Exfoliate? Yes to all! The lazy girl within me jumps for joy over face masks. Heart thumping 5 metres out of my chest drool down my face. Skincare routine, revolutionised.

Foundation primer. 

*Slinks down into chair* I only started using a primer this year. And the beauty blogger of the year award goes to...
Yes, I thought I was exempt from using it. But alas, I wasn't, and when I first integrated it into my routine I was immediately questioning how I ever got by without it. Especially now as the core part of my base is mixing some of this with some foundation for my perfect shade. Even paired with powder foundation, it makes a massive difference in how long it lasts and how good it looks. 

Matte liquid lipstick.

Matte everything these days. These products revolutionised (word of the day) the industry and shook it up with a bang. They had everyone in a tizzy and they're still going strong. As much as I love my tube lippies, I can't deny my love for these little rugrats. They last so long, look amazing and are possibly easier to apply than the classic lipstick.
And Jeffree Star is on point with this trend right now. 

Micellar water.

"Uggh." Yes, I hear you. Possibly the most over-saturated, and most talked about, product. But I won't deny loving it. This has become an integral part of my skin care routine. It's used after the removal of makeup (to really clean) and after cleansing as a toner. It's brilliant in treating blemishes, clearing away oils, getting rid of excess makeup, refreshing the skin and helping to minimise the appearance of pores. It's super easy to use too, what's not to love? 

Oh, dear beauty products. How you've changed me. 

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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