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What The Hey Is Strobing And How Confused Are You?

Because despite the many, many tutorials, advertorials and editorials on the subject, I still have absolutely no clue, what exactly strobing is.  
As far as my knowledge goes, strobing is a fancy term for highlighting. And maybe even a fancy new way to apply a highlighter? Or excessive disguised as fancy? 
Back in the day, highlighting used to refer to the application of shiny white powder on the cheekbone and maybe even on the T-zone if you felt flamboyant enough. It was a simple two-second process which is why I've been trying to find a highlighter so I can start doing that. 
That was until strobing became a thing, and now it's all about - what exactly? 

I've heard that it's just simply an extended highlighting routine, but also that it's a way to contour without contouring. Interesting. Some just simply highlight and call it "strobing" while others go into this 10-minute tutorial applying it to every bone and nook on the face.
So it's understandable that my question would remain, what the hey is strobing? Is it any different to highlighting and why is it such a huge trend right now? 

To help shed some light on my questions, I've gathered my favourite posts from around the web on the matter. I can't guarantee these will help tell you what strobing is, but they will almost certainly confuse you. 

Treating this like a science experiment my findings are as follows.
1. It isn't any different to highlighting.
2. Only applying a highlight to create a natural contour, sans actual contouring, would make it different.  
3. It's only a trend because we beauty lovers, gurus and makeup artists treat it like one. Whoops. 
4. We are all still very confused. 

Like most makeup trends, this one most likely came from the makeup artist vine. They decided to spill the beans and let everyone in on the secret.
Once a makeup artist says, "this is the newest beauty thing" everyone goes crazy. We care, because we love to think that a new beauty trick has been discovered, even if it hasn't. 

The only conclusion I've drawn is that "strobing" is up to individual interpretation. Basic highlighting, or trickery? Who knows. Maybe it's just a 2015 word that will die out with the new year, and everyone will go back to highlighting. 

I can't say it hasn't intrigued me, despite still not getting it. Who knows, maybe you'll see an "I tried strobing" story one of these days. 

Top photo by Sheree Grace
Second photo via Tamira Jarrel

- Sheree



  1. I have that same blush! Bash Harry, did an awesome tut on strobing!

    :) Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. It's really quite lovely! And that tutorial really was awesome! Thanks for sharing it. Despite everything I've seen I think that one was by far the best, she made it sound and look so simple. And I agree on the part where she frustratingly exclaimed that it was just highlighting, that's the part that get's me haha


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