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You Should Definitely Try Out These Revlon Makeup Brushes

Down here in Australia, there is no such thing as a "drugstore makeup brush" or even brushes that are particularly affordable. They all cost the same no matter the brand. Which, hurts a little when the product doesn't live up to its price. 
But aren't we just tickled pink when they do? 

My favourite brushes in my collection are the sleek black handled ones accented with a copper ferrule. They look mega sleek and super luxe (Zoeva I'm coming for you next.) So pretty much any brush that follows a similar aesthetic, eventually makes its way into my collection. (I'm all about the pretty bow on the packaging, so it seems.)

What other brushes follow that similar design? You may be asking. 

Haha, it just so happens, Revlon's line does. Technically low-end brushes that are impressive as they are a little more affordable and were designed to look less "drugstore" and more high-street. 

I never expected to be impressed with these brushes. I just picked up the powder brush because I'm obsessed with powder brushes. Little did I know, I'd venture back to the black and red display, to pick up a few more. 
The bristles on each brush are insanely soft and flexible, so you're not scratching or pulling on your skin. They grab product easily and apply it to your skin equally so. The brushes are mostly, made with lightweight (maybe even hollow) aluminium, the larger brushes seeming to be the only ones with wooden handles. Evidence of cheaper manufacturing. However, their design makes up for that with a matte black coating and bright, metallic (also matte) red ferrules.   
In other words, don't they look just the cutest?

Out of the entire collection, I'm partial to only three of the brushes but they don't disappoint.

The Powder Brush. 

Incredibly soft, flexible and dense, this brush is perfect for finishing powder. It's large enough to quickly, and evenly, disperse the translucent powder over your face while being bouncy so you can either swipe it or stab your face with it without any pain.
This brush loves to shed, and it will leave little black bristles on your face that will be a pain in the butt to try to remove.

The Contour Shadow Brush.

Most of my brushes are actually, eye brushes. I think that's normal. With my new-found love of applying subtle eyeshadow comes needing more brushes that can easily and quickly blend product onto my eyelid.
This little softly dense guy is perfect for that "one-swipe" shadow application. It smudges product onto your eye easily, and with a few quick swirls you're complete. He's perfect for creating shadows within the crease of your lid and for a super quick smoky look.

The Lip Brush.

Surprise! I use this brush for my eyeballs #sorrynotsorry.
This brush features a soft set of bristles that are tapered thin and rounded.
Insider tip: this brush is perfect for applying a little shadow-highlight on the corner of your eyes.
You can control how much product you apply, and how precise you apply it, so your highlight doesn't end up on your nose instead of your eye.
And I must say it works brilliantly.

All in all, these brushes have impressed the socks off me and I can tell the powder brush will be a favourite for a long time. You know how old Revlon brushes used to be the bomb-diggity, and there's bound to be a woman in your life who's owned one forever? I'd like to think that powder brush will be like that.

Shop the story.

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. Great review! That's a shame the powder brush left bristles on your face, I have a brush like that and I find it so annoying. XX

    The Fashion Road

    1. Haha, yes! It is annoying, especially when they stick to your foundation and then you're like "ugghh I gotta try and take it off without stuffing up my base??!" Luckily it doesn't happen often or a lot, otherwise I would love it as much as I do.


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