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4 Handbag styles perfect for spring.

I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for a good handbag. Hi, I'm Sheree, and I'm a handbag addict. I own a few styles, and I'm very guilty of swapping between them as the seasons change. New season, new handbag. The logic behind it is quite reasonable and made more so every year when new trends take hold. 
Some are more"winter" bags while some are better suited for summer. The colour, the shape and the size, all influence the vibe they give off. A change in season means a change in what you'd need to carry with you, meaning a change in the bag you take out. Science. 

Spring and summer are perfect to think about taking out a new bag. The warmth makes you think brighter - less black, more whites, cream and blush pink. You think fringe, crossbody, bigger or smaller but not in between. It's nature really. 

 4 styles perfect for spring. 

The large tote. In a bright, floral pattern, a large tote can bring about visions of park picnics and strolls through the farmer's market. It's great while out shopping or going to and from work. Big enough to carry your essentials, but not so big it's unnecessary. This style bag is the embodiment of spring.

A structured, classic shoulder bag. The most spring-like monochrome combination - baby pink and black. What more could you want? An elegantly structured bag doesn't hurt in any season but works the best in spring with an extended strap attached. It's universal and looks chic whether carried like a suitcase, in the crook of your arm or over the shoulder. 

The mini crossbody. It's sunny and warm and all you need is your sunnies, keys, purse, and your current lipstick of choice. A mini bag is just what you need, and can go anywhere. If it doubles as a clutch, then you're set for nights out. 
Having a crossbody allows you to hang it from your shoulder, so your arms are completely free. No need to carry it so close that it provokes a sweaty elbow or complete annoyance. The heat is great for doing this. Great for festivals too. 

The shopper. Shoppers are a great mix between the crossbody and the tote. The straps are long, so the bag isn't sitting so high up on your body. While the bag itself is large enough to shove your sun hat inside complete with sunglasses case and room for some fresh flowers. Dusted in a pastel pink shade and you're looking at the perfect beach/everyday bag hybrid.

Photo by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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