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5 Minute shadow only grungey smoky eye

Typically a cat eye girl, it's somewhat shocking when I skip the eyeliner step in favour of a shadow only eye. Only somewhat, though, considering my love for the more grunge inclined aesthetic. Sure, I tend to add a little shadow below my lash line along with my wing for an edgier take, but it's rare that I won't take out that felt tip liner.
But, I'm lazy - as we well know. Sometimes I just don't feel like eyeliner, after all, it can take so long to get perfect, with all the mistake fixing one must do with her cat eye. 

On these days, I still like to "keep it grunge." So I'll reach for a simple eyeshadow palette to get my (pathetically created because I can't master a smoky eye) smoky-eye-on. It was created as a quick-fix for a quick trip out of the house. My usual cat eye didn't suffice, however, I will never leave my eyes naked. In just 5 minutes (on a slow day), I had perfectly punk rock eyes that were wearable enough for every day but still made my eyes stand out. Just the way I like it.
And my go-to lazy day eye was born! 

   The 5 min shadow only grunge eye look.

Needed: a champagne or pink highlight shadow, a dark shadow of your choice and mascara.
My weapon of choice was the Sugar Baby Eye Candy Luxe Pinks palette, taking the dusty pale pink highlight and the maroon shade. Adore this adorable palette.
Also, your favourite blending eye brushes.
Faves: Revlon contour shadow brush & lip brush, Real Techniques duo fibre eye brush, and Sigma Smudge E21.

=^.^= Taking the highlight shade, blend it from corner to corner across the entire eyelid. This is the base that helps the darker shade stand out. Plus, it's a beautiful pop that adds some lovely definition and makes this look so wearable. 

^._.^ Smudge, smoke and shade the outer corner of the eye with the dark shadow, smudging it out and up into the eyelid's crease. This is where the highlight creates dimension as the dark shadow is only smudged into the outer third of the eye.
I like to take the same fluffy blending brush below the eyelid to smudge excess shadow below my waterline. 

˃ᆺ˂ Adding a pop of highlight into the inner corner of the eye makes it, well, pop!
Insider tip: use a lip brush for precise highlighting. 

=^● ⋏ ●^= Lastly, taking a smudge brush and smudging the darker shade below the waterline creates that dark, edginess that makes this look. Smoke it out but keep it precise at the same time. Dragging it outwards a little creates a subtle wing. I tend to smudge a little on my upper lashline also, to darken the eyes further.

And of course, we never forget that zig-zag of mascara to darken the eyes further.

You don't need to make it look like Effy Stonem to give it the perfect grunge vibe, in fact, you can keep it as clean and professional as you'd like and still have that rocker edge. It's all about how well you smudge and how dark the shadow ends up being. I find this to be quite wearable also. 

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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