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Coconut Hair Care Story. Perfect for dry & coloured locks

Something about these products is giving me all the grunge vibes, so much so, that this representation of them felt so fitting. I'm, of course, talking about the images. Maybe it's how luxe these Marc Anthony products feel (without actually, being high-end) that make me want to give them a dirty, gritty spin. 
Hair care is just as important as skin care in my books. I believe in building the foundation before painting the house. Meaning, I like to take care of what's underneath before I slather makeup and hair styling products all over it.
While my hair has always been good to me, I can't deny the inevitable effects my regular styling does to it. 

I permanently box dye my hair red every 3 months or so which makes my hair a little dry. Of course. Despite having cut back on heat styling, my hair still gets a little split, dry and knotty. While it's nothing too horrible or noticeable, it's a classic side effect of colour treatments. My hair sheds a little too much for my liking, and it can be lifeless while thin. 
Sound familiar? A classic case for anyone who colours their hair. 

This is why I take my hair care quite seriously. I'll try almost anything that sounds like it will help my hair out. Enter, Marc Anthony hair care. More specifically, the new Coconut oil & shea butter hydrating range.
Because if anything's going to take care of hair like mine, it's going to be something coconutty. And we all love a good coconut hair treat, don't we?

Adding the shampoo, conditioner and conditioning treatment (who's packaging I threw away because I'm just so smart, but not before Instagramming it) into my routine, I discovered that I need to use more coconut products on my hair. Because these are just perfect. Talk about products that suit your hair type.

   Great for dry & coloured hair.  

Coconut oil & shea butter shampoo. Sulfate free and already off to a great start. It's soft, creamy and opaque in colour. Which, is exactly, what you want from a shampoo. With a gentle lather (not too soapy) it easily works into the hair. It's smooth and doesn't rip at it. It washes out quickly and easily for less time under the harsh water, resulting in noticeably soft non-greasy hair.

Conditioner. Thick, creamy and ~hella~ smooth, smearing it into the hair is like a dream - easy and soft. It's so smooth during application, that it doesn't pull or grip the hair to the point in which you're tearing the hair out. Yet, it's thick enough to stay put for maximum hydration. Honestly, 'buttery' is the best term for it. It sits on the hair and locks in moisture, creating a silky barrier in which you can feel the product on the hair. After quickly rinsing it out, the hands, are as soft as the hair. Soft minus a greasy left-over. 
Yes, you can mix a semi-permanent dye with it for colour maintaining. Perfect.

Treatment. Or, basically, a thicker and stronger conditioner. It leaves the hair feeling slick-soft, super moisturised and delightful. 

After each wash the hair looks, feels and smells amazing. It looks shiny, and my colour looks a little more vibrant. The hair feels luxurious and soft, yet still lightweight and bouncy so that it doesn't drag down with a lifeless limp. There is still body, texture and grip without being dry and knotty. 
It looks and feels more healthy, soft and hydrated. 
Heck, it's still a little bit fluffy which, results in greasy hair not looking or feeling so oily. 
Each product has a strong, delightful tropical coconut scent and perfumes your hair.

These colour safe products are impressive and absolutely, perfect for dry and coloured hair. This girl approves.

Story details.

Products gifted for consideration, all opinions, and words completely my own.
Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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