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Sisters Swap Skincare: Not Everything Works For Everyone

Despite us beauty bloggers recommending products that "you must try because they work!" It's so true that not everything will work for everyone. What we think is brilliant, someone else may think is rubbish. Kind of, making our posts a little redundant, if you think about it. Although let's be honest here, that's not going to stop us.

As annoying as it is you don't truly, know if something will work for you until you try it. Something that sounds great on the packaging could be really horrible in practice. That's the trouble with skincare. You put so much trust into a little product that could either make or break your skin.
This very thing was put to the test just a few weeks ago, as my sister and I swapped moisturisers. Which resulted in two very, different opinions of each other's products.

 To set the scenario.   
My sister came to me one day, new moisturiser in hand, and frustratingly exclaimed, "It's making my skin crack it's so dry!" She had been using this new product for a few days and each day her skin became dryer and dryer. It was sucking all the moisture out of her face, rather than putting it in. I recommended using more and it just backfired. Her face grew tighter, felt red-hot, and when she moved her face, she felt like it would shatter like glass.
We couldn't figure it out because the product was all natural with no traces of anything nasty.
Nevertheless, she was done. So done. 
I got up, handed her my moisturizer and told her to swap with me. 
"I'll try it and see what it does, you use mine."
And so, it begins.
She was using Crop's Daily Facial Moisturiser. An organic cream packed with vitamin E, natural oils and cocoa butter.
I was using The Body Shop's Vitamin E moisture cream. Which is exactly, what it says. 

My trusty moisturiser had gotten me through the worst of times and the only downside, was it left a slightly greasy film behind. It took ages to sink in, if at all. While washing my face the next morning, residue would come off. It left me a little slimy, to say the least.
While her moisturiser was causing her skin to flake, crack and feel sore. Despite it being a gentle product that has only good-for-you ingredients, it was damaging her skin.

  Her verdict using my moisturiser: 
After the moisturiser exchange, she slathered the vitamin E cream all over her face immediately. Only to run back to me not 5 minutes later, "this is so much better!" Her face was instantly hydrated and soft. The product sunk into her skin quickly, sans greasy leftover. Each day she used it she loved it more and more. It never left any residue for her, and it sunk into her skin better than any moisturiser she'd ever used.
Which was good news because that meant she could continue using it without having to buy a new product. Aren't sisters great? 

My verdict using her moisturizer:   
Meanwhile, I was to put this alleged 'drying' product to the test. 
I cleansed, toned and finally, moisturised. I was kind of scared. This was the moment of truth. The product sunk into my skin nicely, with no oily residue left behind. My skin remained truly, soft and completely nourished. It felt so good on my skin. And it didn't dry me out at all. Not even a little bit. It worked amazingly for me. Much to her surprise.
In fact, I prefer this one to The Body Shops cream. The very thing my sister hated, I loved. 

The results of this skincare swap were immediate and proved that not all products work for everyone. We figured she may have had a bad reaction to one of the oils while my skin didn't have a problem. It's all about individual skin and how it likes certain ingredients. Even something so natural can cause irritation.
That's one way to bring a new product into your routine. What are sisters good for if not for swapping skincare? 

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. Weirdly, it's never occurred to me to do a swap, despite all the time friends and I have moaned to each other about a new skincare product just not working on us how we'd expected it to! I probably should have found someone to play swapsies with my Hydraluron serum and moisturiser, which did sod all for my skin but I doggedly persevered with anyway!

    Misia xx |

    1. Haha, to be honest it didn't occur to me either, before this happened. She was fully prepared to throw it out before I was struck with the brilliant idea last minute. Although I do get why we never considered it before with the whole "don't share beauty products!!" thing.
      Uhh man, oh well maybe next time you can find someone to swap with ahah

  2. Nice photos :)
    Maria V.

  3. Crazy how products affect different people differently isn't it. It's nice to have that kind of relationship with your sister. Wish I could say the same! I use the SW Basics oil based makeup remover as my facial moisturizer. It's crazy good and all natural. Actually, I love all their minimalistic products. My skin has never felt or looked so great.

    1. Amen to that! I always feel like if you have at least one friend you can have a similar relationship with, you don't need to have the same with actual family haha. That sounds amazing, a makeup remover as a moisturiser, that's a beauty hack and a half! If it does wonders then why not?


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