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Why Candles Are The Best

I've long wondered why the heck people are so obsessed with candles.
Don't get me wrong I too am a candle fan. Luxe candles in glass jars, the basic makes-the-room-smell-nice candles, tea lights (Halloween blood-drippy ones.) However, whenever the lifestyle vloggers, bloggers and gurus rave about new candles and even do entire candle hauls (Zoella, I'm looking at you,) I wonder why it is they're so crazed. They're just candles, are they not? You light them, you burn them, they're gone. Most of them are just in glass jars, and while that's nice sitting in a room, they're not exactly decorative.

Yet the obsession remains. Even as I light my candles questioning myself, I'm still lighting them. I continue to buy more and could spend hours in Dusk. The only answer I have, happened upon lighting my first (and only) set of luxury candles. An ah-ha moment, if you will.

For one, they smell.

Well, duh. Candles are the best way to get your house smelling all sorts of nice. They're not as strong as incense, they last longer than a room spray and are more potent than potpourri. The stronger the scent, the longer it lasts, evenly dispersing it. They're pretty practical actually.

Candlelight is pretty.

Light enough candles around the room, switch off the lights and voila. Ambiance. Also really handy in a blackout.

They evoke some lovely feels.

Whether it's calming or the scent evokes a happy memory. Even just watching the flame dance or feeling it's heat can make you feel all sorts of great. 
 True story time. During university, my three friends, our teacher and I headed into the woods for a camping trip. In the middle of winter. No joke, it was just us. 6 hours after arrival, we were hit with a massive storm that took out our power for the week, uprooted trees that blocked roads and made it dangerous for us to walk to the beach. For the entire week, our only light and heat source were candles. We stayed up late talking by the candle light and discussing how great the flames make us feel. It was calming and warm. Just lovely. 

They're a cheap form of home decor.

Even if it's just a few Diptyque candles in their minimalist glass jars, they're a great home decor addition. They look simple, chic and once lit, they look even better. Just the simple placement of candles on a coffee table will provide a homey energy.

They create the feeling of movement.

Especially if you're alone, having some candles lit evokes a soothing energy, and feeling of something else being alive. Because, well, the flame is alive. It can be reassuring. 

Something about luxury candles just -

The power of marketing. Or maybe it's true, you get what you pay for. The more luxe a candle is, the longer it will last both inside the jar and around the room. They're quality and don't overpower your room, building the scent up slowly. 

Circa Home's Mango & Papaya and Lyfestyled Home's Parisian Musk & Caramel candles are absolute favourites of mine. I wasn't able to fully understand the love until I lit these babies and realised just how necessary candles are. 
The scent these leave behind are on another playing field to my cheap candles. The scents themselves are so unique, customised and stylised, most basic candles have your average scents.
Sweet, very sugary and tropically fruity says mango and papaya. It'll make you hungry and stick around for hours after stifling out the flame. Sweet, but not too sweet.
Deep, woody and rich. Parisian musk and caramel is subtle and warm, elegance and chic come to mind immediately. They create a warm, homey feeling.

Basically, they're the greatest. So great.

Shop the story.

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. I only got into candles about a year ago! I think it was because of all the nice ones in TKMaxx and Homesense - you can get some really lovely ones for really cheap, and once my price range didn't limit me to just those horrible synthetic ones I totally fell in love with them, for pretty much all the reasons you mentioned :)

    Misia xx |

    1. Oh I can so relate! The cheap one's with the horrible paraffin wax take away the full essence of the candle itself, it's hard to love candles beyond just being nice to light with those. Once I got some really lovely Soy candles that was it! So funny how that works really.

  2. It is odd, isn't it, our preoccupation with candles? I'm not too sure whether the obsession only started running full-fledged this year or whether it's been this way for years, but gah, I'm definitely a victim of candle obsession. I think, out of all the reasons you've mentioned, the feeling of movement is the one that captivates me the most. Just thinking about the flame being alive gives me chills.

    I have yet to invest in a luxury candle, honestly, but I do have budget scented candles burning in my room every night.

    I've only just come across your blog, Sheree, and I'm enjoying it immensely! I hope you have a lovely day!

    May | THE MAYDEN

    1. It's so odd! I can't help but think about it, but I also understand it completely. So strange. It reminds me of the 'candle vlogger' in Scream Queens ahah. Sometimes budget candles can be really great, especially if they're the more affordable ones from a lovely candle shop.
      Oh, thank you so much dear! That's really lovely to hear. x


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