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Beauty Report: Stella McCartney S16 PFW Runway Show.

Oh, Stella. How she embodies everything I love about fashion, style and beauty. It's no secret Stella McCartney, is my favourite designer. In fact, she's the answer I'll always give if you asked "who's your favourite designer?" Her signature grunge meets sophisticated feminine style steals my heart every time and tells me it's okay that your teenage emo phase mutated into your current punk-rock love because she gets it. Plaid, metal details and only ever the best faux fur and leather because she be on that cruelty-free train I completely respect and admire.

On to her Summer 16 collection she debuted just yesterday in Australian time. Oh, how excited and immediately interested I was. As my social media (Instagram) blew up, I knew I was already behind and had to catch up, asap. Luckily for me, my girl Stella was like "don't worry girl, I got you." And uploaded her show to her website, so that I could sit back, and pretend I was sitting front row as the beauty editor of Harper's Bazaar. A girl can dream.  


Fresh-faced and minimal, Stella kept her focus on showcasing the collection. Each girl was clad in a dewy, flawless base, natural and glowing. Minimal coverage allowed any blemishes to be smoothed out, however, little enough to look naked. Slight contouring helped carve the cheekbones out, giving the girls sharp, strong features. Naturally brushed brows and not a hint of highlights or blush kept this look as fresh as a cool summer breeze. A smudge of nude lipstick and a swipe of mascara is all that's needed to complete this face. This is the no-makeup-makeup song we all sing during the hotter days.

The hair, varying in style depending on the girl herself. Natural waves and knotty texture, suggesting the bed-head look we're all familiar with. A few noticeable flat-ironed waves and kinks followed down the runway, with a very tightened approach to the beachy waves that every girl adorns during summer. While the darker toned ladies highlighted a flawless body of naturally textured and fluffed manes.

Stella is the queen of no-nonsense and this look was evident of that. Showcasing the every girl, every day look. It's summer beauty in its simplest, truest form. When the mercury rises, the layers of makeup are peeled away. And we barely lift a finger to mess with our hair. Real talk.

Truth be told, it's the beauty looks of fashion week that grab my attention the most. But when it comes to Stella, my eyes are so steadily held on every single detail. Vibes run through her show like no other, every detail exactly as you would imagine from this edgy designer. From the indie pop blaring over the speakers to her "bow" at the end as she steps out, waves and meekly hurries away.
Me too Stella, me too.

Photo's via VogueInstagram

- Sheree


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