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Subtle Hair & Makeup For Celebrating Halloween.

If you're anything like me (and half of the world), you'll love Halloween and all the spooky things it entails. The decor and the witch movies take the cake for me. However, getting to celebrate it by dressing up isn't always possible. Even the most "normal" of costumes aren't always appropriate. Maybe you're going to work or maybe you have a non-Halloween event you're attending on the 31st.
Thus, you'd need to think of how else to get your spook on, while keeping it so casual no one knows you're doing it. Now if that isn't trick or treat I don't know what is.

The best way to just that? Why, hair and makeup of course. It'll be a-ok no matter what your situation is. Just pick a theme and work it girl. 

 Subtle Ways To Get Spooky. 


Crimp it out. If you're feeling a little witchy (and let's face it, I always am) mess with your hair to give you that hag-witch vibe. Crimping can look so bohemian, so earthy while also looking a bit crazy. The perfect combination, if you ask me. You can brush it out to make it fluffy and knotty, or leave it smooth for an AHS Misty Day approach.
Needed: a crimping iron, or mad skills with a hair straightener.  

  Tease it.  Spray in some dry texturizing spray and tease it like it's 2007. If you're not feeling the crimping, skip it and just take a brush to your locks to create a lovely birds nest. Tease it more so around the bottom so you don't end up with a fluffy top and stray ends. You can make it look a little chic by clipping half of it back, or tying it all up in a messy pony.
Needed: a teasing brush, dry texturizing spray, hair spray and a careful hand, so you don't damage your hair. Teasing is a risky art. 
Colour it in. Have a little fun with it and take some hair chalk, coloured spray, or temporary hair dye for the crazy-colour-lover. Turn your locks swamp green, orange, purple or pretty much, whatever colour you want. Why not? 
Needed: hair chalk, coloured hair spray or temporary hair dye. And your hair, of course. 


Smoke it. The most obvious makeup looks to make Halloweenish are the eye looks. Give yourself a thick grunge-smudged eye or a really, messy smoky eye. The darker, the better. Take it under your waterline as well as on the eyelid. Create a cat-eye effect with the shadow. 
Needed: dark eyeshadow pencils and/or eyeshadow and blending brushes. Possibly a great sense of humour because you may feel ridiculous if this isn't your regular look.  

 Get catty.   Similarly, you can smudge on a super thick cat eye. The kind of cat eye that wouldn't be wearable for every day. 
Needed: gel liner, soft pencil liner, eyeshadow and soft blending brushes. Also a steady hand.
Kiss of darkness. Better yet, take a bold, dark lip against a minimal and natural look. Keep everything else simple against a deep tone that you wouldn't otherwise wear. Not only is this look so natural, you could possibly wear it to work, it's also very easy to pull off. 
Needed: black or dark plum hues in a matte or satin finish, and the courage to pull it off outside of the house. 

The only limit is your imagination, to be quite honest. I know I'll personally be sporting a smoky eye and crimped hair.
What do you think is a subtle yet spooky look? 

Top photo by Sheree Grace.
Images via Pinterest (click images for link.)

- Sheree


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