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The Perfume Diaries: A scent for all occasions, any day.

There are few things I love in this world; good skin care, hair care, handbags, perfume and my cat Milo. My passion for handbags and perfume are almost sickening, to be frank. Materialistic even.  Although given the right perfume and bag I can conquer the world. Or so it feels at the time which is essential for any woman. Can I get an amen? 
I also like to think I'm pretty faithful, once I find the perfect scent it'll be hard to keep me away. I only wish it were the same for handbags. 

My taste in perfume is pretty simple and stems from those sickly sweet body sprays we all had as tweens. I like them sweet and fruity with a floral splash to keep it fresh and light. I like them mature but also a little sultry and a little fun.
I also like to have scents I can rotate depending on the occasion, how long I'm going for, and the day.
It's a complicated system, but it works. 

The everyday scent.

Intimately Beckham is always reached for on a daily basis. Not because it's my signature, and not because it's a particular favourite, but because it's the easiest one to wear. This sexy scent is very floral and quite musky. It comes off as a bit powdery, as it's very warm and woody, but with a hint of sweetness it's completely feminine.
I imagine this is what Victoria Beckham smells like. Sophisticated, even.
It's very wearable both during the day and the night and thus, is the easiest to wear on a daily basis. 

The on-the-go scent. 

Elizabeth & James Nirvana White in a convenient rollerball is the perfect on-the-go perfume. Simply peony and musk, it smells like elegance in a minimal white tube. Fresh and feminine, it's light and easily transitions between daytime and night time. It's a scent that screams "Olsen Twins" in the best way, of course. How you'd think a chic girl boss would smell. The perfect cross between light peony and sugared musk. Not too sweet, not too floral.
Thrown in my handbag, I know I'm covered. 

The selective use scent. 

The scent I like to use when going out somewhere nice, needing a confidence boost or looking to impress, is none other than my signature Karl Lagerfeld for her. Partly why this isn't my everyday scent is because it wasn't the most affordable thing I'd ever put on my birthday wishlist. To be completely honest. And in a tiny 25ml bottle, I'm trying to avoid running out of it so quickly. Fresh, sweet and floral, this is everything to me. It's my exact taste. It's mature yet, with hints of peach making it soft, it's wearable for anyone. A light, juicy scent this one isn't at all heavy or strong. The hint of rose within brings a classic feel. It's the perfect night time scent.


The Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit body mist has me completely covered for those 5-minute trips, not-going-anywhere-special times. This is a spritz-three-times and head out the door kind of spray. Or to pair with a fruity scent to give it an extra "pow." The citrusy-sweet zest of the mist freshens you up immediately and smells delicious. As a mist, it isn't strong and will fade after a little while, so it's a low commitment spray. I also pair it with Karl sometimes as it strengthens the scent. Or with Intimately Beckham to freshen it up and make it a little more fruity. 

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Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. I'm a big fan of the Body Shop mists - I'm currently really into their Summer Fig one. Great to just quickly freshen up when you're on the go, I find - and not quite as obnoxious as spritzing on a proper EDP in public!

    Misia xx |

    1. Aren't they great? Oh my, I have a sample of the Summer Fig! I quite like it, and agree, you took the words right out of my mouth! Rollerballs are the same, they're so great for public application.


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