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The bath & body products to try from Anatomicals

If you package your products in overly adorable plastic tubes with bright rainbow colours and insanely cartoonish descriptive names, you've already hooked me. Better yet, if you can somehow manage to make all of that look minimalist, you've just stolen my heart. 
They say don't judge a book by its cover, but we all do so anyway. Why not put a little creative energy into it? It's the thing that's going to hook me in, after all. 

So, you're looking for a cute bath and body range that will look *totes adorbs* in your bathroom and do wonders for your skin. Well, look no further because Anatomicals has you covered, and you won't regret a thing. 
I stumbled across these bad boys while looking for a new hand cream once upon a time. After being seriously impressed, I had no trouble at all going back in and finding some new stuff to obsess over.

Thanks to a little gift pack in the discounted beauty section, I was able to do just that. After trying out a few products, I have reached the conclusion that I've discovered the best ones to try out and incorporate into your routine.  

The Night Time Hand Cream.

I once thought that the one's favourite hand cream was the greatest, but I've changed my mind.
This one is somehow much more moisturising, giving you the softest paws you could possibly hope for. It's my new best friend for those winter months when I have man hands. It also smells divine! Sweet and a little fruity, what more could you want? It sinks in without leaving your hands all greasy and instantly replenishes, leaving your hands soft and lovely looking. 

Fashionably Fruity Body Cleanser.

Which is quirky-speak for body wash. Not only does this one smell like gummy bears, but it's a great shower companion to leave both you and your entire bathroom smelling like candy. It lathers up quickly and easily washes off to reveal softly cleansed skin. It feels great on your body and, did I mention that it smells like gummy bears?

Citrus Body Scrub.

I'm not usually one for a shower product that isn't a gel - I'm basic like that - but this one had me re-thinking my priorities. Like the name suggests, this little pinkie is a body scrub. And it can be used in place of a body wash. It lathers up a little, to give you a good clean while little pumice granules scrub away dead skin cells.  
However, it smells like the all-natural cleaning product we use to clean the shower walls. In other words, it doesn't smell very nice. Not terrible. Just not nice. Is it worth how lovely the skin feels? It may be, honestly. I like it.  
Each of these beauties come in a variety of flavours, so while I loved the fruity cleanser, the cocoa or grapefruit one might be more to your liking. Etc, etc. 

Affordable, amazing products, no nasties and absolutely adorable is all I can say. I think this might be love.

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Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. These look really cute - gonna bookmark this post so I remember it later, I reckon they'd make great Christmas presents for people :)

    Misia xx

    1. They are so cute! And they're so nice to use. I hadn't even thought of that but yeah, I agree they'd make such a cute Christmas present. Especially the little gift packs they make. Nice.


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