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A makeup routine full of beauty hacks.

Both because of my incredibly pale skin and serious, need for an easy-way-out, my makeup routine of late has become one giant beauty hack. Got a problem with too-dark foundation? You bet I'm hacking it. Found an intriguing trick online? I'm trying it. 

I love putting my face on just as much as the next girl, but I'm also impatient and would rather take steps to make sure it goes by much quicker. What admittedly started out as a way to make my foundation a few shades lighter, snowballed into an entire routine of little tricks to make things work that much more effortlessly. 
Not to mention most of my hacks make the product work, and look, that much better.

My favourite beauty hacks are those using blush, lipstick and a certain mascara application technique.  

My makeup hack, makeup routine.  

The face: is where it all started. I was confident with my new foundation as the powder version was so perfect. Much to my dismay, the liquid foundation was, at least, one shade too dark for my skin. Oh, my damn. Whatever shall I do now? 
To fix my foundation (and provide a lighter, more natural finish) I mix two parts primer with one part foundation and apply that to my face. Or, in English, I mix a little bit of foundation with enough primer to cover my entire face, and blend down my neck. 
It works. It's great. It's my favourite money saving hack. 

Oh, stop. You're making me blush: a hack found on the internet has now become a part of my daily routine. As surprised as I am about that. Contour never made it into my routine before and I stopped using blush almost as immediately as I started. But with a little trick, I was able to do both of those things in one, and achieve a natural (and amazing) look. Using a peach-rose blush, (Rimmel's pink rose is the best), I contour my cheeks and temples. That's it. Contour and blush in one. And the results are so great. 

Wiggle, wiggle the mascara wand while applying it, to achieve a natural curl, volume and wonderfully fanned lashes. Gone are the days where I simply brush my lashes with mascara resulting in clumps and a spidery finish. It may take practise, but it's the ultimate technique to get the full effects of the mascara, and achieve your most natural lashes yet. 

The lips: is where it get's real lazy. Rather than smearing lipstick on like a normal person, I tend to bounce the lipstick on my lips repeatedly, until enough product has covered them. (Think Lily Bass when she was touching up her lippy at the ballet in season 2. XOXO GG.) This gives me a light wash of colour that looks matte and natural. I love doing this with red and brown-rose shades (my entire lipstick collection) as it gives you a natural tint. If done light enough, it can even look like your actual lips are that shade. Perfect for when you're wearing an edgy dark eye but still want to wear that new bold lipstick without overdoing it. 

Putting your face on is so much better when you have hacks.

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. I do exactly the same thing with lipstick! I don't know why I'm so excited to hear someone else does it too, but I am! I feel like I definitely need to try that blush-as-contour business too :)

    Misia xx |

    1. Omg! Haha, that is weirdly exciting, probably because no one ever seems to do that or that's not the "proper way" to apply it, but to heck with that! That's so great. The blush contour is by far my favourite thing, I can't stop talking about it...


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