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Love Spell Print FREEBIE

I love freebies. I can't deny it. In-a-world where everything has a price, freebies just cause all sorts of happiness. Blog graphics, download. Cute prints, download. I don't (really) have anywhere to hang them. I just peg them up somewhere on a string or lean them against my wall on the floor. *Art* I do it anyway.
A little while ago, I set out to design some adorable prints and open a shop. I then realised I'm not that great at illustrating or typography. I adore creating some cute handwritten and drawn "artwork", but it's not worth trying to sell in a store. Dreams crushed. So, I decided to stick to my medium of photography and shut down the print shop that didn't last very long.

So then here lay my dilemma. I didn't want to waste what I had created. My love of freebies, blogs that do such a thing, and that I've wanted to create my own freebies for some time now considered, I decided to give away my prints. My own freebies. Yay!
Something a little fun, cute and why the heck not?

 The Love Spell Print.  

Forever obsessed with all things witchy I thought, "wouldn't it be cute to make a print that was a spell?" Complete with a corresponding illustration. Typically my favourite spells are those that bring good luck because I'm forever, cursed with horrible luck. But those kinds of spells aren't very cute. So I thought, "what's a cute spell that would look pretty on a wall?" A love spell of course! For any and all kinds of love - friendships, family, significant others, self-love. A reminder to draw love to yourself in any way you can, think loving thoughts and radiate loving vibes. 
It's also just adorable. 
And so, this happened. 

It could also be used as a desktop background or as a phone wallpaper. I know it isn't the greatest thing in a world, and now you know why my shop idea didn't last very long, but it's cute and could add a little colour to your gallery wall. 
Meanwhile, I'll stick to my fine art photography prints. Stick with what you know girl.  

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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