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What Magazines Are Good For: testing designer perfumes

I live for those minuscule-perfume samples you find in fashion magazines. (The best ones are found in Harper's Bazaar and Vogue.) They may only be good as a once-off stretched thinly between your neck and wrists. But that's the only way I'm able to test out a high-end fragrance, without having the sales assistants in Myer persistently convincing me to purchase the expensive bottle that I honestly can't justify. Maybe if it's Christmas. *wink* 

I always thought it was so silly when heroines in TV shows and movies would comically rub magazine pages on their necks. But now I get it. I so get it. How else are you going to get the chance to smell like Chanel? Plus, it's free. Or, $9.98 if you're counting the cost of the magazine. Which, I don't. I like to think it's free. Who doesn't want free things?

And thus, I've collected the latest samples I'm itching to smell for myself. To mini review and possibly create a list of scents to add to my Christmas wishlist.   
A cult classic, Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb. Nothing too new but one I've yet to smell for myself. Conveniently soaked on a snowflake shaped air freshener! To summarize, this smells like a bouquet of flowers. With jasmine, centifolia rose and patchouli, it's literally, a flower bomb. Rich, deep, earthy and metallic with just a dash of sugary sweet making this the ultimate woody feminine scent.
Maybe a little too woody for my tastes, for something similar but sweeter Elizabeth & James Nirvana White is the way to go. 

Miu Miu's first fragrance, Miu Miu was one I never thought I wanted to test until I saw that mega cute cat in the campaign. The cat, that kind of looks like my own little Milo.
After just one whiff, my body was ready. This is sophistication in a bottle. Fun, fruity and very sexy. It's youthful but far from naive. With sweeter tones and a lightweight fresh wash, this a classically chic scent.  Lilly of the valley and patchouli oil are the only notes to care about. It's pretty much Miu Miu branding in a bottle. 
Absolutely, smitten with this one. 

After seeing the fragrances perfectly pink and classically vintage bottle in the campaign photo, I knew I had to rip this one from its page. Valentino's Donna is classically feminine and beautifully bold. This heavily floral scent is quite the opposite to Flowerbomb in that it has very sweet notes that freshen it up to make it less earthy. It's delicate. It's light and fresh, yet deliciously sweet. It's very elegant and very Parisian. Rose, patchouli and vanilla, oh yes. Quite similar in nature to Karl Lagerfeld's EDP for her. 
Perfect for sweet-yet-sultry lovers. 

You see? I got all that from a tiny magazine sample, some possible future fragrances to add to my wishlist and the ultimate scents to wear for just one day. Allowing me to feel as expensive and chic as I'd like before washing it down the drain during my evening shower. And all using notes of patchouli, I sense the latest trend in couture fragrances.      

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Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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