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Product Rave: Creating mermaid hair with DARE Hair Dye

It's the law that you must change your beauty routine as the seasons do. The beauty law. Oh, I like that. But honestly, I've never followed that particular law. It could be the fact that my skin is oily all year round, dry all year round and sensitive all year round. But I've always stuck to the same things season in and out, only changing it up once one empties. 
Just another one of my blasphemous beauty habits.

In saying that, it just happened to be coincidence that my routine did change up a little as spring sprung. Didn't happen on purpose, but it happened. New products entered my life and gradually made their way into my routine. So it seems my beauty cabinet vanity has changed as per the season. Perhaps I finally learned to follow the law. Or perhaps this is a masked favourites story. There's a pun in there somewhere.

  What's inside my spring beauty cabinet.  

Care for the hair. 
Marc Anthony Coconut oil & shea butter shampoo has changed my hair care regime. It's the closest thing to luxury my hair has ever tasted, and it loved it. It wanted more. My hair hasn't responded better to any shampoo I've ever used, leaving it soft, nourished (smelling amazing) and has limited my fallout. I only wish it were easily attainable in Australia.

Temporary hair dye counts as hair care in my books, as my red locks need some TLC to remain its best until the next dye sesh. DARE is both new and exciting and had to be tried out. It's double the size of Fudge Paintbox for just $1 more and works brilliantly. Added into conditioner, it remains potent and gives my hair a luscious orange glow. Impressed? I sure am. Repurchased twice, I can see myself picking this one up for as long as my hair remains red. 

Don't make me blush.
Since I began contouring with blush, I seem to have become addicted. Never before a blush fan, I seem to have awakened something deep within me that adores it. Rimmel London's Pink Rose blush is, well it's just something else. It's beautifully subtle and looks elegantly natural in a peachy pink rose shade. As a contour, it creates natural looking shadows while adding a subtle flush of colour. It doesn't stand out and blends into the skin effortlessly. I rarely leave the house without this guy on my face. The perfect contour blush shade. 

Treat yo skin.
Ever the skincare fan, I'm constantly on the hunt for face masks that'll do it all. If I were to pick a skincare essential, it would be a good face mask. I'll go to the ends of the earth for a mask that busts blemishes, clean's the pores and hydrates the skin. (Not seriously, though.)
The Rejuvenating Masque by Milk is just that. It leaves the skin soft, clean, blemishes diminished and looking lovely. It's just like an average clay mask, with rosehip oil and vitamin E to plump and nourish the skin. Leaving it oil-free and silky smooth. Take my word for it. It's just great.

Trying new cleansers is a risk for me, but one that can pay off. Vivant Skincare was just that. After the end of my usual cleanser, it was time to bring in something new, although I never expected that I would keep it in my routine. 
The Green Tea universal-cleanser* is strange yet effective. Strange because you can also wash your body with it. Effective because despite that, it's gentle on the face. Just like your average cleanser, it leaves the skin feeling soft and clean but never dry. It treats pimples instantly but doesn't create new ones. (I say this because sulfate is the first ingredient and while that breaks me out immediately, this cleanser doesn't.) My skin responded quite well to this one. *sigh of relief*

Saving the best for last, The Vivant 3-in-1 Toner* has revived my love of toners. Although it smells like methylated spirits (yuck) it treats the skin surprisingly well. The skin feels a little tingly upon use but leaves the skin refreshed and hydrated like a normal toner would. It removes excess makeup, oils and dirt. And what's possibly the most important part, it takes care of pimples. The main active ingredient being Witch Hazel (my fave) this toner is by far a favourite for this season.  

In conclusion, I recommend them all.

*products gifted, however, all words and opinions completely my own.
Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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