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Planning for 2016 with the cutest planners.

I've always said choosing a calendar or diary for the year ahead is an important and sometimes stressful task that must never be taken lightly. 
It is going to be the thing you constantly look at for the next 365 days, so you don't want to get something you'll hate (or be bored of) mid-year. It's the biggest end of year struggle, I know, I hear you. Although one of my favourite things to do. The end of the year can be so depressing, but picking that planner for the next year? Oh, how exciting.

I'm like an animal on the hunt, every store that has a stationary section, every stationary store, I'll stop and take an in-depth look at each planner they have. Which one shall I choose? I never purchase one before December but I'm looking for "the one" long before that. Can you imagine how much of a big deal it is when I end up narrowing the search down?  

Speaking of, I think I may have done just that. With a top contender, of course. The 2016 planners that have made my list are the ultimates for the new year. (So says me.) Get ready to plan.

  Top 2016 planners/diaries for the new year.  

#1 - Spiral planner by A Beautiful Mess.
I fell in love instantly when I saw their video introducing their newest planners. There's a reason this planner is number one. It's the one I may very possibly end up purchasing. 
Coming in three different styles to suit three different personalities, these planners are the cutest in personalised diaries. My pick is the pink floral planner adorned with hand drawn flowers, pink accents and minimalist gold lettering. Don't forget coloured dividers sectioning each month with illustrations and stickers! Completely, adorable and totally practical while also being very professional. Everything you'd ever need really. 
#2 - Typo Premium Diary.
Is there anywhere else for stationary and office needs? Typo is my fall-back and where you're guaranteed to find something you like. This one out of the entire range caught my eye, and is the most "me." Clean, crisp and adorned with a watercolour dream catcher illustration, this one is perfect for the artist. Or, at least I think so (I'd get it, this is in second place). Adorable illustrations on every page with a weekly view month-by-month, this is a basic (without being basic) yearly planner. 
#3 - 2016 diary by Frankie Magazine.
The Frankie journal is one loved by many for obvious reasons. Similar to the Typo dairy, each page is colour illustrated and never boring. Bound in hardcover cloth and with enough space to plan your weeks and write down random notes. Cute! Says Frankie, "this year we have also included special treats like gift tags, tear-out forget-me-nots, sticker sheets, a handy conversions page and a pocket to stash stuff in." How exciting. What's not to love? If only it came in a sweet blush pink.
#4 - Kikki.k Sweet Diary.
Re: the comment I made about Typo because actually, there is somewhere else for all your stationary needs. Is there anything else sweeter than this diary? Perfectly blush pink, this little A5 pocket pal will look perfect with any colour scheme your desk may be. Especially monochrome or pastel. The front cover and pages of this diary feature little hand drawn illustrations. And is the cutest thing, you'll never get bored. It has monthly and weekly styled pages and stickers! It suits pretty much anyone and is so sweet!

Oh, the choices! I'm geeking out ~sO hARd~ right now. 

Top photo via Pexels
Each image via their product links from the brands.

- Sheree


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