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Useful (Blog) Sites I Like To See & You Should Too

I love nothing more than to discover new blogs and websites. The lifestyle and beauty variety more often than others. The blogs I really love? Those that offer web design elements like font freebies, prints and "here's how to do something real techy" posts. Shocker. 
Let it be known that while I'll happily purchase a blog design, I'll always go for free fonts and graphics. Mainly because I change my mind about fonts so often, it would be a waste to purchase one. 
Although, it's not just that. It's the design inspiration I love possibly more than the freebies. As much as I'm so not cut out to be a graphic designer, I've always loved it and have graphically designed little things for my various web spaces over the years. 
Call it a geeky pleasure, if you will. 

Alas, I may be getting a little off topic. Because I've devised a little list of my favourite places I like to visit, for all my design-indulging needs. With a few useful beauty and lifestyle spaces added for good measure. Useful? By that I mean, the spaces that provide information, inspiration and general "that's so useful" posts. It's hard to say which ones are 'useful' (because almost all blogs out there are) but these are handy to have on, well, hand.

The useful places you should visit.

  Design blogs & websites. 

Have you ever seen something so wonderful in your entire life? Need fonts? They got 'em. Need some graphics of any kind? Sure thing. How about templates, themes and photos? If you're looking to purchase something unique, or just looking for some freebies to use for your design needs, this is the place to be. Locked and loaded with a blog to go with it, you've got inspiration, how-to's and free fonts for days.
Sometimes I love to browse through the site even if I'm not planning on purchasing anything.  
A post to get you started: Design Freebies.

The Hungry Jpeg.
Very much like Creative Market, this is just an additional source for all your blog and website design needs. Here you'll find different but still unique fonts, illustrations, graphics and freebies. Although there is no companion blog so it's not the place for inspiration or how-to's.
The page to entice you: Freebies.

This one speaks for itself. Really. Although it's technically an all-purpose lifestyle blog, this is my favourite place for my techy needs. Since Dana is a graphic designer herself, she knows what she's talking about. Covering all things design, photography and fonts.
A useful one for generating your own illustrations: Transfering lettering to photoshop.

The beauty, lifestyle and crafty all-rounder blogs.     

A recent discovery but a grand one. This is go-to for great recipes, DIYs and all your lifestyle needs. As the name says, this blog is for the eco-loving soul who loves themselves some organic beauty and healthy natural meals, perfect for the bohemian, inside us all. I mostly came here for the healthy recipes but found myself loving the adorable DIYs.
How cute DIY: Bath Salts.

Lauren is one of my inspirations for everything, including this blog. Far from being just a "celebrity blog", this is the chicest destination for everything the lifestyle category has to offer. From sweet Lauren-approved recipes to the latest in beauty and finishing with decor inspiration, this blog has it all. There's always something here to inspire and inform you.
The fun read: Friday Favourites.

From Roses.
One I'm sure many are very familiar with and one that's so great. Everything you could ever want to read about that's lifestyle, beauty and fashion is under the From Roses roof. She's relatable and honest, and the blog is just an interesting and often useful read.
Inspire yourself: Books that will inspire you.

I didn't even scratch the surface. I could go on for days and include so many of the "little" blogs I follow and love. But I think this is a great general list I'm sure will bring happiness to all. Oh, and don't forget A Beautiful Mess.

Photo by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. So many of my faves included! Love it xx

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. The first half of this list have now become my faves too! It's amazing how you can discover things and they instantly make you fall in love. Free things don't hurt either haha x


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