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Why even just the smallest of exercise is super great

Yoga, pilates, running, or briskly walking around a lake (true story) the list of active, activities one can do is endless. Even the smallest of exercise can be great for you, no matter how long or how often you do it. No exercise is too small in my books, it all counts. If I suggest you "do some exercise" to cure what ails you, you bet I'm simply, suggesting to take a quick walk.  

It seems to be a common thought that the only exercise that counts is in a gym or doing lengthy workout routines. The times I've heard someone say "walking doesn't count," well, I mean, what? Now, I'm not the most athletic person you've ever met. If you could get a failing grade in P.E, you bet I would have gotten it every year until graduation. I procrastinate and am a huge fan of sitting around with nothing but a book or Netflix to binge on. 
But, I also understand the value and importance of a little exercise, especially where my scoliosis is concerned. I just don't wish to go HAM with it. You feel me? 
Instead, I take advantage of walking where possible (taking the stairs instead of the escalator) and do a quick pilates routine whenever I get the chance. 

What (at first) seemed like something I'd hate doing (pilates regularly? ugh, who has the energy?) has now become the thing to improve so much of my life. And even become the go-to thing to help my mood.

Reasons why exercising (even just a little bit) is so great.   

Just a 10-minute walk around the block gets the heart thumping. Which instantly improves blood circulation and revitalizes the entire system. In other words, you'll feel great and so will your body. It can also improve any aches and pains and reduce them. 

It'll wake you up and get your brain going. No matter what time of the day you take a walk or sit on the floor for a yoga sesh, afterward you'll feel much more awake, alive and thinking much more clearly. If you're stuck for words on an assignment or even a blog post, after a 15-minute workout you'll find it will come much easier. 

You'll feel like motivation-central. Once you've gotten up and moved around a little, the motivation required for your day will strike. Sometimes you just need to get up for your body to respond "okay then let's go!" You'll feel so energised.

You'll start to appreciate your body more. Whether you're doing it to lose weight, tone up, or just be a little more active for the reasons stated above, you'll soon begin to think of your body in a much more positive light. As your body begins to handle longer walks, and your muscles strengthen, you won't be able to help yourself. "Wow, I'm quite strong." Who doesn't love that feeling? Even if there are no changes to your physical appearance (which is ok, especially when you're not doing it for that reason), mentally and emotionally you will see yourself as a whole new person. Confidence comes to mind. 

It warms you up during winter. Bonus! 

You feel healthier. Even if you're not that particularly healthy, a little movement can make you feel like you are. And isn't that what we all strive for? To feel healthy without putting in too much effort to be healthy? #realtalk. 

It helps to make you feel better/relaxed. Having a tough day? 20-minutes alone with some endorphin-releasing moves and you'll be feeling much happier in no time. Especially with yoga. 

Exercising isn't just about weight-loss or bodybuilding (a thing too many people seem to think.) It's about treating your body right and is an easy way to feel good. It doesn't have to take an hour, and you don't have to invest in weights and gym memberships. All you need is 10-minutes out of your day, and somewhere to walk. 
Or, some Youtube videos and space on your bedroom floor. My personally favourite method. 

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- Sheree


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