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Another Beauty Gift Guide - the small things

You could call them stocking stuffers if you wish I guess they could very well be. Do people still have stockings these days? Or is it just a term we've continued to use out of habit. 
I like to think that the smaller things can really, make a gift more personal. Whether giving them alone or within a package, they can speak volumes and create a lovely personal touch. And if you still have a stocking (lucky you) the little things can create one big mixed bag of useful items that scream "you." We all love nothing more than a stocking full of things that speak to our personalities. Things that will actually, be used. 

Gift giving doesn't have to be huge, the price tag doesn't need to be the biggest ever, it's seriously the thought that counts. A small item that works well with what the person likes is honestly just enough. You can even find some great affordable luxe gifts while staying clear of those generic gift packs. You know the ones. 

The small things gift guide.

For the exercise buff.

The refresh & revive pack by Yuni is one of those "specialised" packs that will sit well with your active gal-pals. Designed and created with an active lifestyle in mind. This pack includes a refreshing body mist, to cool during or after a workout, and a nourishing body cleansing cream perfect for the post workout shower. It's totally adorable in a cute little pouch and is affordable.
A great personal touch. 

For the one who loves their "little luxuries."

The Body Shop is a great go-to for the holiday season as you're bound to find something for someone. You know how much I love my little TBS mists, and the very feminine, moringa body mist is no exception. It's great for the floral scent lover, with sweet notes and a fresh burst. Great for layering with other floral perfumes or wearing alone for a light wash of scent.

You can never go wrong with a sweet little hand cream. We all need one at some point, and they're one of the most useful beauty products you could give as a gift. Stumbling upon this one by accident, I have no troubles recommending the Marshmellow hand cream by MOR. The scent is heavenly, a sweet musk that isn't too strong. It doesn't leave a residue behind on the skin and results in a soft, silky finish. It also looks very chic (that packaging, though.) Bonus, not tested on animals, paraben and mineral oil free. I seriously adore mine. 

For the planner.

Collective Hub's 2016 Diary is another planner I've had my eye on, and despite my earlier diary decision, I've pretty much settled on this one for next year. In a classic black hardcover, it's filled with inspirational quotes in beautiful typography and a chic weekly layout. It's great for those who love simple diaries and will go down SO well with a blogger.

For the candle collector.

Something else I stumbled upon by accident but haven't managed to forget about it. One whiff of the spiced cookie dough candle by Mozi and your heart will just melt away. It smells like, well, spiced cookie dough. Sweet and spicy, just like someone else you know in your life right? It's heavenly. And so fitting for the Christmas season. Especially if you're lucky enough to have a wintery Christmas. The jar is also quite beautiful, and would make a lovely makeup brush holder to compliment a copper/rose gold vanity theme.

Photo by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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