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The pros and cons of taking an afternoon nap

Real talk. I type this while I'm still a little hazy from my 1 1/2 hour afternoon nap. We've all done it, do it, are guilty of it. Those quick bites of sleep we once begged our parents not to take that we now crave after an early morning start and exhausting week ahead. I know I'm super guilty of taking naps, and I'll be the first to admit it's become a nasty habit that followed me from Uni. 

I don't nap all the time just when I'm feeling particularly out of it and need more rest to handle the next day. Or when I'm feeling so tired I'm practically useless until I get a little shut eye. It's all for a good cause, I promise. 

Although naps are brilliant in nature and have many pros to aid its cause, there are also a few cons. A few setbacks, if you will. Some after effects. It doesn't always happen, and there are those naps that have no downsides at all. But I'm sure we've all experienced those naps we wish we didn't take. 

  The pros of taking a nap. 

It refreshes your brain and your overall demeanor. You always feel much better after a nap and are sure to be able to concentrate and think much better. It's so great after a long day at work or Uni, and you need to get something done as soon as you get home. If you were crabby before, you're probably not crabby now. Everyone will thank you for your nap. You did a great service for the world. 

You'll feel happier, brighter, less worried or anxious when you wake up. If you've come home feeling a little uneasy for whatever reason, a quick nap will seriously, cure you. I can't count how many times I've come home a mess wanting to cry from stress and after a nice nap, it seems all my problems had vanished. Pure bliss.

It's good for you. I mean, a little rest never hurt anybody. I'm sure your body, physically, will benefit from a little rest. 

It feels so great.  If you're extra tired, a nice nap feels amazing. Both when you first lay down and when you wake up from a deep slumber. I'm sure we've all had those days where you count the hours till when you get to go to sleep at night, so why not set an alarm for an hour and take a rest earlier? You'll need less sleep at night, the thought of bedtime doesn't drag on and loom over your head, and you'll feel much better the next day. It's science.

The cons of napping.      

It's addictive. Once you begin the habit of napping, it becomes a thing you have to do. Especially, if you've got an afternoon ahead of you and nothing of great importance to do. 

The deeper the nap, the more tired you feel when you wake. There are times when you wake up refreshed and bright. Then there are the times you wake up feeling more tired than you did before you lay your head. All you want to do is lay back down and resume sleeping, even if you've gone past your hour. The problem is that it's a 50/50 chance, and you never know which way you'll feel. 

That results in an even stronger lack of enthusiasm. If you thought you couldn't be less enthused before, it's much worse now. Those plans of "I'm going to do this, this and this as soon as I nap!" go right out the window making room for "I'll just do it tomorrow."  

It takes further time away from your afternoon/evening. There aren't enough hours in a day already. If you had things to do a nap takes away any remaining available hours to do them in. Dinner is late, the chores get done late, all the responsibilities are just late. 
But here's the real problem. If you don't take a nap are you able to do those things tired?

It's a vicious cycle and one I'm sure many of us struggle with the older we get. Or, at least, I hope? I know I for one am constantly exhausted, even when I have no reason to be. Naps are my kryptonite. Should I or shouldn't I? It's a 50/50 decision really. 
Ugh, the first world problems.

Photo by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. I love napping but then I always feel so guilty about it!
    Tegan xx | Permanent Procrastination

    1. Oh gosh I know right?? Sometimes I feel so bad and even regret it, but other times it was the best decision ever haha. If I've got a free evening I tend to not care though, true talk.


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