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Hand creams to pamper those paws

It's that time of the year, winter in the north where hands dry, peel and crack. Summer in the south where the heat and sweat may cause irritation and upset skin. I know that last part more than anyone. Every summer without fail my hands begin to form tiny, sore, red bumps making way for my skin to dry and peel off. TMI? Gross? Oh, tell me about it.
I can't tell you why it happens, only that a good hand cream can keep the bumps-at-bay and minimise the peeling.

This is why I live for a good hand cream. If I did monthly favourites (or any favourites at all) you bet there'd be a hand cream in the mix. Just like a cleanser or moisturiser, as soon as my hand cream finishes I'm re-stocking, trying a new one or buying multiples to ensure I've always got a backup. It's an essential for every day of the year, every season. 

And you bet I've decided upon a few delights that will surely pamper those paws, ready those claws and treat your hands to some soft goodness.

Three hand creams to soften those digits. 

Anatomicals night time hand cream. 
This hand cream was the first I'd tried that wasn't a budget product. And I wasn't disappointed. This one, in particular, is a firm favourite and leaves the hands feeling calm, nourished, and smells quite lovely. A little too much of this one can make your hands feel a little slimy. And it takes a little while to completely, sink into the skin. There is a slightly greasy residue left behind, although, the moisturising effect is immediately evident. A great one to use before heading to bed as it will sink in and work best overnight. This cream isn't heavy duty so it may not be so great for hands that need heavy duty care. Once you wash your hands, you may need more. However, it smooths and refines the skin for lovely-feeling hands.  

Talk about the best of Australian skincare, MOR is boutique without the boutique prices. Heavenly scents, adorably chic packaging and stuff that works well. This sweet, musk scent lingers on the hands without being over-powering. A thinner consistency, a little goes a long way (like all good products.) Instantly reviving, it doesn't pull on the skin and smooths on easily. No greasy residue and even after washing your hands in the morning you find that your hands stay lovely and soft. It calms irritated skin and is a really, lovely product that works impeccably well.
A new favourite. 

Soap & Glory's Hand Food.
Is it understandable (because Australia) or is it embarrassingly crazy that I had never tried an S&G product before this? Everyone is raving about them lately and my yearning to try it for myself was steadily growing. Lo and behold, an on-a-whim trip to Mecca Maxima brought me face-to-face with everything Soap & Glory. This hand cream lives up to every glowing review it has ever received. Everything you've heard about this cream is the utter truth. A thicker cream compared to MOR, it's heavy duty and locks in moisture, hydrating immediately. Visually, the hands look better, smoother, softer instantly. Calming uncomfortably irritated skin, it sinks in quickly and has no greasy residue. It really, is food for your hands, giving them exactly what they need. It also smells amazing like a subtle and pleasant perfume.
My hands adore this one. 

And, in a cute mini size for just $5, how can you go wrong? 

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. I love soap and glory hand cream! I haven't heard of MOR but the marshmallow cream sounds amazing, lovely post :) xx

    1. Oh, I am such the lover of the S&G cream now! Where has it been all my life?? Haha, yes, I accidentally came across MOR while browsing the beauty section of Myer and hadn't heard of it before either. It was a hidden gem, the marshmallow is amazeeee.


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