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What to put on your lips when they're chapped

I'd like to apologize in advance. For you see, the things I'll mention in this story won't be the most luxe of things or the fanciest. Some are straight-up DIYs. But, hey, it works. 

Chapping lip's is a hot topic on here. It's a topic I've talked about more than most, simply because it's one that sits close to my heart. My lips never go for too long without being chapped. They're almost always flaking and peeling, so finding remedies and products that actually, work has become my job. You'll be surprised at how many basic lip balms don't do a thing. I'm going to go ahead and guess there are some people out there that agree?

I've discussed why lips can be constantly-chapped despite slathering on products and written about an awesome DIY lip scrub. But I haven't yet listed, the very few lip products that help mends chapped lips. Which I think is the most useful list for curing those scaly lip woes. Naughty me.

What to put on your chapped, sore lips.      

First and foremost - an organic lip scrub. A simple mixture of wonder oils and sugar to scrub off dead skin, heal and soften simultaneously. It's the step before conditioning and primes the lips, allowing a good lip balm to properly, sink in and work. You'll be amazed at how exfoliating can immediately improve the lips condition. 

Blistex. Yep, Blistex. Told you there wasn't going to be anything too fancy here. The product you no doubt used throughout your school years. The sun-protecting, blister healing wonder product with the least yum-sounding name possible.
The lip conditioner is one I've been using day and night resulting in the most improvement. It feels ice-cold like menthol, but deep conditions with immediate results. With added SPF, you can't go wrong and will get those lips lipstick-ready in no time. 

None of your beeswax by Lush. Okay, so maybe one product that's a little "fancy". A great one to keep in the handbag for on-the-go touch-ups, this will give you instant relief and softness. Packed full of organic goodness there isn't a single nasty ingredient in here. This is perfect for when you're out and you need some moisture - stat. However, it doesn't heal chapped lips too well. So it's not one to rely on. Make sure you've got your Blistex ready eh? 

A product that's been gaining much popularity in the blogosphere lately, (that was first introduced to me by my mother a few years ago - way to trend set mum,) is Lanolips.
And for good reason. It's hardcore and super thick, more in the way of a skin salve than a balm. It coats the lips and sticks around for quite a while as it works its moisture magic. It's got Vitamin E and fruit extracts, what more is there? Although some may argue Lanolin isn't exactly organic, this stuff is free of chemical nasties so it won't cause more harm that good. 
In other words, it really is a [little tube of magic.] Quote - Kristen Carriol.

Of course, a little coconut oil or olive oil straight on the lips won't go astray. And anything organic couldn't harm you. Maybe Burts Bees is more your thing and does the trick. Just make sure you take care of them lips girls. Promise?

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree


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