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Why your smaller boobs are actually kind of great

Too often we women tend to get wrapped up in silly superficial things like how big our "girls" are. Even if it isn't obvious on the surface, there's an unspoken competition between us about who has them bigger, who has them nicer. Even a simple conversation about how uncomfortable bras are (although, I find bras to be quite lovely) can turn into a conversation competition about size. Making too many women feel unnecessarily self-conscious and unhappy about their chest.
As if society hasn't already made it hard for us. 

(Although, FIY, next time someone makes you feel bad by casually mention their bra size as a way to brag about how big they are, note how bras are made. A 12B will actually, be bigger than an 8D (and so forth) because the cup size varies depending on the width. How big isn't depended on the letter, it's all about the number, so really, a 14B won't be any different to an 8DD.) In other words, who cares?

I don't have the biggest set of "girls" a woman can naturally have. I also don't have the smallest. The smaller side-of-average is where I sit, and I'm perfectly content with that. In fact, I think having naturally smaller "girls" are great and something to celebrate not berate. And I agree with/love whenever I read a story or listicle about why smaller boobs are quite fab to have. Talk about injecting a little body positivity into your day. 
Because we women should be celebrating our bodies and what we have. 
Why?  Because reasons.

The super-cute choice of bras and bralettes.

This is pretty much the entire reason, why smaller "girls" are kind-of-great. The readily available selection of pretty bras, lacy, strappy bralettes, and bandeaus that look just as great on as they do on the rack. The best part is you won't have to worry about support. Even those on the smaller side-of-average have a lovely selection, of pretty bras. What's more important than that really? 

Getting to skip the bra and not feel the effects.

Topless Tuesday has never been easier or felt better. Uhhh. No worries. 

Sleeping on your FRONT!

This is my favourite part. As an average-boobed lady I get to sleep on my tummy without too much drama, and nothing makes me happier. Just imagine the bliss your smaller "girls" get! You can sleep any which way without any dramas or squishing them. Seriously, this is better than the cute bra thing. 

Getting to wear basically, anything without, "my boobs won't fit/keep popping out."

Everything fits you. Well with the exception, of structured bra-like tops. But who really fits into those? You don't have to worry about something not going over your boobs yet fitting perfectly around your waist - damn now I can't buy this. And low-cut tops that allow a lacy bralette to peep out looks so effortless and sexy chic. You won't ever hear someone tell you your "showing too much cleavage." In fact, no one will think twice about your cute bandeau peeping out from beneath your muscle tee. 

No or very minimal random boob pain.


I could go on. But I feel the real greatness, comes from those who've found their own benefits while working with what their mama gave them.
I just thought this might inject a little body positivity into your day, did it work?

*when referring to "girls" I do mean boobs. Calling them girls is much cuter don't you think?
Photos by Pixabay and Flickr.

- Sheree



  1. Haha I can't imagine feeling competitive about boobs. But I feel ya on the loving having smaller ones front! I lost a bunch of weight and my boobs shrunk from a 12C to a barely-there 8A cup, but I feel like they look so much nicer nowadays. #ittybittytittycommittee

    1. It's really quite silly to think about being competitive, it's so unnecessary haha! Yes, I find they look quite nice small, especially if they suit your body, ain't nothing wrong with that! Hhaha, love it.


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