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Why We Women Like to Wear Makeup

The thought had occurred to me as I dusted on a minimal, yet probably unnecessary, amount of makeup just to visit the dentist. The base was, what I like to call "a minimal version of my daily look" (it's not.) And my eyes were messily smudged with shadow, topped with mascara. Basically my daily look minus the cat eye. (But don't tell me that, I've convinced myself it was a quick minimal look.)
The only place I was to visit was the dentist and the dentist alone. Like, really? I could have gone bare-faced, and it wouldn't have mattered to anyone. But, I still put my makeup on and didn't regret it or feel bad about it once. 

During the journey towards that dreaded place we all fear somewhere deep down, I had to ask myself why the heck I bothered in the first place. Who's going to see me? Half of it will probably be wiped away with any drool that was inevitably going to happen (and by the dentist pulling at my face.) 
The answer was all too obvious.

   Why us girls like to wear makeup. Even if it's not necessary. 

The act of applying it can be fun and even relaxing. I know I enjoy putting my face on, and it's the best part of getting ready for me. After putting together an outfit, naturally. I feel like an artist and always love the finished result. It's just, for lack of a more fitting word, fun! 

It makes us feel good. Whether it's because our masterpiece came out spectacularly, or because we've successfully concealed those breakouts, we always feel pretty damn good in the end. Which gives us a nice confidence boost. 

Trying out a new product/look gives us immense satisfaction. Especially, when that product works amazingly and the new look we've never tried before looks flawless. Oh, the proud feeling we get from an effortless-looking smoky eye completed in 5 minutes. 

As funny as it may sound, it can wake us up in the morning. The amount of concentration and brainpower that goes into it is ridiculous. But it's second nature to us and gets the brain going of a morning. Seriously. I'm not even joking.

A signature look tells the world who we are. And makes us feel complete. 

It "tidies" us up a little. Especially if we've woken up big-under-eye-bagged and red-puffy-faced. It'll make us look a little more alive and awake - even if we're not. Alive that is, it makes us look alive. You know you're dead inside just like the rest of us, don't lie. 

We don't do it for you. Sorry boys.

Simply, we just like it. It's fun, relaxing, confidence-boosting and just something we like to do. 

Although I did not need to wear any to the dentist, I didn't even think twice about putting it on once I woke up. And I didn't feel bad about wearing it once. There isn't anything wrong with that, now is there?

Photo by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. I love wearing makeup but honestly I would be so lazy to put some on to go to the dentist! I agree it's relaxing applying makeup when you're not in a hurry or anything, I like to make myself look put together and scare people in real life haha.

    Hanh x

    1. Haha, true! If it weren't something I did without thinking twice I would have been too lazy to bother too. Even I thought it was silly, the strange things us girls do. I love that! Making you look more put together to freak others out, brilliant! Especially when you look "so tired" with a bare face aha.


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