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A Lone but never lonely. Wolf print FREEBIE!

I've always been the kind of person to take things like spirit animals, horoscopes (sometimes) and the power of crystals seriously. Well, maybe not seriously, but I take them to heart. What my spirit animal is, how it represents me (if it's correct), what my monthly prediction is for Capricorn and the correct crystal to wear to keep me calm and relaxed. Call me strange.

I love the idea that a spirit animal can liken your personality to a beautiful creature. Especially if your spirit animal is like the majestic wolf. And don't get me started on Spirit Hoods. Back in the day I would spend ages deciphering what my spirit animal was so I could get a matching hood. I never did get a hood.
So, I started doing really, not-so-great spirit animal head paintings for my S6 and decided I wanted to turn one into a free printable. I don't think I could have chosen a more fitting one. 

 The Wolf - A lone but never lonely print.  

Wolf pun alert! Have you ever heard anyone say, "I'm alone, but I'm not lonely." I heard it in a TV show, or movie once. Someone responded to a comment about being alone with: "do I look like I'm lonely?"  
Which get's you thinking, especially in this world where people as young as 18 are getting married and settling down with a partner for the (possibly not-so) long haul. The older you get, the longer you're single, people start to see you as being "lonely" because you don't have a partner like they do. Even if you have friends, people will still consider you lonely. 

Pish-posh I say! Lonely is subjective. And by definition, means isolated. If you're surrounded by other human beings (or animals, pets are humans too!) be it friends, family, neighbours or even passers-by, then technically, you're not lonely. If you're content with your own company, some great books, your best friend and fictional characters in your TV shows, then you're not lonely.
You can be a lone wolf and still never be lonely. (Get it? That's the wolf pun! A lone but never lonely? So, clever.)

I feel like I'm quite the lone wolf. I love the company of my friends and being around other humans, but I can handle my alone time and sometimes prefer it. I tend to go off and do things on my own, away from the pack, but I never feel typically lonely. Simply because, I'm never completely alone. 

I think it's a lovely sentiment to be a lone wolf yet never feeling lonely. Feeling comfortable with yourself enough, and with the people you do have, to never feel alone. It's definitely, not a bad thing. 

Click to download the print.

Print by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



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