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I DARE your hair & nails to look this fab

"Do you have DARE hair dye in your hair right now? Because that sucks, I hate that stuff - it sticks to the hair and holds so well it's an absolute pain to remove." Said the hairdresser before removing my sisters half-blue-half-pink hair colour, in favour of a natural brown. We weren't entirely sure if that comment was a compliment on behalf of this new Aussie brand, but we're very sure there was something positive somewhere in that sentence. After all, when you dye your hair with a temporary colour, you want it to last as long as possible. 

As a faux redhead that quarter-yearly takes a box dye to her head, I need to maintain my vibrancy in between dyes. The best way to do that is to take an awesome temporary colour and add it to my conditioner every wash day. And so, I'm always on the lookout for great dyes. 

What helps is if said brand has awesome branding. DARE's target market is the vibrant, fun woman who aims for the aesthetic of being a unicorn or a mermaid. She's not afraid to experiment with her look and make it a little less boring. Sign me up! 


In an array of vibrant, fun rainbow shades, are signature semi-permanent hair colours. I've mentioned this before and I'll happily say it again. The colour is fab! It sticks, stays, is vibrant and looks so-darn-pretty. I've repurchased this stuff quite a few times already and haven't been disappointed yet. Before switching, my like-minded sister preferred this stuff too.
Although be careful. Apparently, this stuff is trouble to remove. Good? Bad? I'll let you decide.

"You know you get a free DARE nail polish with your hair colour right now, don't you?" says the hairdresser upon repurchasing my shade. Well, don't mind if I do! 


DARE nail polishes are exactly like their hair colour counterparts. Although the price doesn't reflect this miniature bottle's size, the product inside really packs a punch. 

"Ballet Babe" is the perfect baby-pink-nude I've been searching for. It glides on seamlessly and only needs one coat. It's opaque and doesn't need layers to achieve a solid shade. Drying quite quickly, it also has superb staying power. I almost forgive the tiny bottle and ridiculous price. If you only need one coat, it'll last quite a while.  
Great for the hair-experimenter or even the boxed-beauty looking for a touch-up. I can't help myself. I must shout it from the rooftops. 

I'm a fan. 

Photos by Sheree Grace

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