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It's okay if your niche changes (a few times)

Or, in other words, going from #fblogger to #lblogger and how sticking to one niche doesn't always work.
I guess this could apply to anything really. Lifestyle choices, career and dietary choices. Sometimes your tastes just change. What you were really into three years ago, might not be what you're into now. And that's okay. We're only human.
But changing your mind about something isn't always welcomed by others. They'll roll their eyes, sigh, and tell you to just grow up, pick something and stick to it. (Boring.)

But let's focus on talking about niches and blogging for a sec.

Case and point, this little online venture of mine. It's changed quite a few times since its beginning. Which is something I was very worried to embrace, at first, and doesn't come as a shock when countless blogs and sites talk about how bad that is to do. From day one, everyone will tell you to "pick a niche and stick with it." That's what will make a more refined blog. That's what will "keep your readers around" so you don't "confuse them." Because apparently, your readers are all idiots who need clear boundaries? 

Even while studying Journalism at Uni, we were told that very thing. While, on the subject of blogging, we were instructed to pick a niche. Or, better yet, pick a niche within a niche. Talk about limiting yourself.
That was the only way to create a structured and (I hate to say this word) successful site.

So imagine how terrified and hesitant I was, when my little column went from starting off as a (crappy) fashion blog to now being mostly a lifestyle column.

But here's the thing, your tastes will change over time. That's something you should embrace. It's only natural.

As we get older, we start to see ourselves evolve. Our style will change. The movies we like to watch will change. So will the music we like to listen to. There may even come a time when the fashion blogger realizes their talents lie more in beauty, and they decide to embark on the subject of beauty blogging instead. (True story.) Fashion onto beauty then onto lifestyle. The story of many a blogger before. 

So what does a blogger do when this happens? 
Well, they simply do whatever the heck they want. 

Because you got to do what will make you the happiest. You got to write the things you want to write, no hesitation.

While choosing a niche is a great way to start, you shouldn't feel committed to it. You may find you want to mix it up after the first year. This is how fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs form. People think they need to "niche themselves" and so their blogs become multi-niche. Just call it a lifestyle blog. Or, don't call it anything, just blog.

At the end of the day, a strict niche isn't what will make your blog "structured" or "interesting." It's your passion for what you're writing about that will do it. 

And you know what? That's what's going to make you love your blog even more.

Although "lifestyle" is a niche, it's not as restricted as fashion, beauty or food. So I say, write from the heart and do what you want. If your tastes change, go with it and don't be afraid. 
There is more to blogging than picking, and sticking to, a niche-within-a-niche, niche.

Photos by Sheree Grace


  1. Yasss totally agree! It's unreasonable to think we can produce authentic content that doesn't evolve like we do! X
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

    1. Exactly, girl! You said it. Much better than I think I said it, but yes yes! Everyone eventually ends up evolving and niches always change, why fight it or feel scared about it? Our blogs are usually extensions of ourselves anyway.


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