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The art of doing things by yourself, alone.

I'm sure you've heard quite a few times how we live in a social, connected world where it's socially unacceptable (impossible, even) to be alone.
In fact, some would even look down upon the person who eats out alone, or takes themselves out.
Pish posh, I say.
I don't think there's anything wrong with going out by yourself. Sometimes you want to go somewhere that no one else does. Sometimes, you want to do something no one else in interested in doing.
Do you sit at home, wallowing in despair wishing you could go, but never do because no one will go with you? Heck no! You take yourself, and you go.

One goal of mine this year, is to do more things alone. Previously, I had gotten myself into the habit of waiting around for someone else to join me, or "take me." Out of fear to go it alone.
(People are always too busy, not available, don't want to go, it isn't their "thing.")
Well, I realised all too quickly that by doing this, you never end up doing the things you want. Missed opportunities, they say. And that's not being very independent now is it?
That's no way to have an adventure. And I'm all about that!

I want to kick my shy, introverted side in the butt and tell her to get a grip. You're a 21st-century woman! You can do this!

Taking yourself out on an adventure, allows you to learn things about yourself you never knew before.

You have to rely on yourself for directions, to make decisions and to have fun all on your own. And when you end up successfully doing just that, nothing feels better. Look at what you did! Even something as simple as going to the cinema alone causes you to think of yourself as being capable.
You're capable of taking yourself out, getting yourself there, buying those tickets, that popcorn and sitting in your seat.
You're capable of catching a foreign train to a different town and a distant place. All while having an adventure, getting back home easily and in one piece.
Who knew you could hustle like that?

Being able to take on the world alone is the key to independence and being strong. 

I've always thought those who travel alone, take on new cities and distant places alone, are the strongest people. They don't need anyone else. They can hustle by themselves. Which is how it should be. You shouldn't be afraid to do things on your own.
I've always thought I don't have a single excuse for it. I don't have serious anxiety that makes things physically challenging or difficult. The only "hurdle" is my introverted, shy nature. But even those with anxiety, still manage to seek adventure out in the world. While I sit back and dream. "One day, I'll go to London by myself," I said three years ago. I haven't yet made a move.

Once you start taking things on by yourself, you'll never need anyone else with you, ever again. You'll be proud of yourself.

The older we get, the more we need to learn how to do things on our own. We can't always rely on others, and how many of those others would actually, do the things with us?

People do things by themselves all the time, even if it doesn't seem like it.
Next time you walk into that cafe for lunch, "Table for one please," take a look around. You'll notice just how many people are also dining solo. That's what us adults do. We take our lunch breaks solo. Because we're big kids now!
It can be quite peaceful and relaxing when you're alone.

Besides, even when you're out by yourself, you're never really alone. It's not that scary. 

Get it girl, do the thing on your own!
But please, also stay safe and be alert in your surroundings.

Photos by Sheree Grace


  1. Yes, yes, YES!! Standing ovation for this post!✨
    I keep saying that I am terrified of traveling alone, so from the time I moved to Japan until now, I haven't really explored. Um, I moved to Japan alone, so why can't I travel alone? I've always just kind of waited for someone to go with, but this year I am totally taking the initiative and GOING!

    Thanks for this! ❤

    1. Yes girl! Exactly! You did a super brave thing moving to Japan alone, I can only hope to follow in your footsteps, but yes! If you did that scary thing alone and nailed it, then you sure as hell can travel alone! We're strong, we can do anything!
      Haha, so glad you liked it, and that it helped in someway. Yes motivation!

  2. I couldn't agree more! Once I went to the movies alone because I wanted to see the hunger games and no one else was free. When I told my friend this she was mortified. I just said, I'm not missing out because no one else wants to/is able to come. I don't know why people think it's so weird going out by yourself. Me time is the best.

    Sarah's Abode -xx

    1. Exactly, totes agree! Going to the cinema by yourself isn't even close to being a big deal. It's dark and cozy, so it doesn't even matter if you're by yourself - it's almost better that way! Recently a friend agreed and mentioned how she too went to see a movie alone and she loved it! We should start a club or something haha!


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