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Your checklist for when a brilliant creative idea strikes

So you've been looking for your next passion project, thinking about the next creative venture you want to start. The next step in your already creative steps. Girl, aren't we all? You've brainstormed, you've let it come naturally, you've played with ideas and tossed them aside. Inspiration is your middle name, motivation, however, well, that's a different story. 

All of a sudden, something hits you. The idea you'd been toying with comes alive. All on its own. Suddenly, you're excited. This could totally work. This could be fun.
Now, what?
As a self-proclaimed creative, that pretty much sums me up. I'm never content just focusing on the one thing. I need to build upon the blog, do something additional, work on my photography, sell them as artwork, consider writing an e-book. Okay, that last one is a sick, sick dream. Some of my ideas become a reality and actually, get around to it. Some, well, they just stay ideas. Or the motivation isn't there. 
But sometimes an idea strikes and it sounds so great I just want to make a start on it. Motivation-be-damned! 

However, once the idea becomes a thing, what do you do next?
Maybe it's just me, but if I don't take certain steps, the idea can become lost amongst my own self-doubt and lack of intention to do it. What a waste.
But no more! 

What to do when a brill idea strikes.

Write it down. Now.
Flip open your planner, crack the spine of your notebook and write that idea down right now. I find this helps to solidify the idea, making it a physical thing. As you're writing, further ideas will flow and as you write those down, more will come. It'll give you that boost of motivation to do it and even help to get you excited about it. 
Whenever you open your planner or notebook, it'll be right there reminding you. 
You could always type a note on your phone, but I find pen-to-paper works wonders. 

Google the name you have in mind.
If your project needs a name, and you've come up with a name you like, Google it. You need to make sure it's available, and you're not accidentally stealing it. Even if the name you like is only in use with some unused Twitter account, you need to know so you can think of a new name. Slight variations are okay. 
It's better to do this now than to fall in love with something you can't use. 

Are there other similar things out there? 
Great, use it as inspiration. Ideas are almost, always drawn from something similar you've seen. So feel free to draw from it. Make yours different, make it more you. Follow their recipe, but change a few things to suit your tastes, goals and views.
But make sure you're passionate about it. Don't just do something because you've seen someone else do it and you think you should too. 

Sleep on it.
You'll either wake up with a fresh take and better ideas. Or, you'll wake up with the realisation that your recent brainstorm sesh was bad, and you can do better. Either way, sleeping on it will help re-adjust your brain to help your idea stick. If you still love it in the morning, you've got a winner!

Start it.
You don't have to have it all finished and ready to go within a few hours of starting, but it's always good to make a start asap. That way, you can find out what works, if it works. It will also help with your motivation. Your project may take a while, so starting now will get the ball rolling and ensure your idea doesn't go to waste. 

Remember, your idea is great even if you think it's not.
Self-doubt is my worst enemy. But even if an idea isn't as great as you'd like, you can always work on it to make it better. Although, every idea is great. If it makes you excited and you think it could work, what have you got to loose? 
Don't let your self-doubt get in the way and stop you.

No matter if it's something like expanding your blog, or starting a whole new business, no idea is too small (or big.) If you want to do it, do it. If an idea strikes, don't let it fade.
I should call this my getting-an-idea-done method. 
Woo! Inspiration. 

Photos by Sheree Grace


  1. Love it! Pinned for future reference!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. Yay! Haha, so glad it's helpful in some way, I find this method to be quite useful myself.

  2. This is a great post, especially for someone as forgetful as me. I literally forget what I want to do next as soon as I decide I want to do it, so having concrete steps like this is super useful. Well done.


    1. Although honestly, even though these steps are like "my fool-proof method" sometimes I even forget to even do these, or I'm too lazy an my idea just dissolves. Haha, struggles. So happy you thought it was useful!


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