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How to effectively procrastinate.

I read somewhere once that procrastinating can be a good thing. Something about it making you work better, because you've had time to think about it. Or maybe that's just what I'm telling myself. Whether it's good or bad, I do it all the damn time. I even procrastinate the things I don't want to.
I could spin it to say I'm just pushing said task down the timeline so I can work on it during a better, more productive, time. When I'm "feeling it" a bit more. While that may be true, that's just a fancy way to say "I procrastinate, man." I mean, really. Let's be honest.

And with all this procrastinating I do, I've come to the realisation that there are quite a few things I always do. I seem to have a method in which I procrastinate. And you know what? It's pretty effective. I even want to continue procrastinating. Dangerous. 
So, I thought I'd fix this problem by doing the only thing I know how to. I'll just teach you how to do it too so that I'm not the only one. 

   Favourite methods of procrastination.

Watch/start a new TV show.

Here is where it begins and ends. My downfall. This is how my life will end. Binge-watching The Flash and Gossip Girl

Put together a fresh new Spotify playlist of brand new songs you'd like to discover.

You see, I've worded it this way, because when you're searching through the endless lists of songs on Spotify for brand new discoveries, you'll be there all week. Especially if you're picky like me, and you get sick of songs quite quickly. Got to find the ones that'll hold up after a week of repeating.

Read a book/magazine.

Cover to cover in one sitting. Or read that book you've been delaying finishing for about six months. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything. Magazines are great for inspiration, so that's not a bad way to procrastinate. Books, on the other hand.

Go to your Youtube "recommended" section.

See you tomorrow. You won't be coming back from that one. 

DIY something you really, don't need to.

Remind me again why I just spent two hours concocting a rose eau de toilette? You know I'm never going to wear this, right?

Come up with a rad new business idea you're never going to implement because someone else already did it/took that name/you really can't be bothered.

Yeah, so, I do this all the time. That's normal, right?

Read blog posts on how to effectively procrastinate.


In all seriousness, unless you're procrastinating an important task to the point where it's causing harm of some sort, it's not such a bad thing. Procrastinating (in moderation) can lead to great things. Something you would have produced before procrastinating isn't always as good as what you produce after it. It can even be a much-needed way to relax before buckling down.
Or, absolutely, useless (see DIYing things you don't need to).

Photos by Sheree Grace

- Sheree



  1. That last one is perfect.

    Honestly, I'm the queen of procrastination. I should actually be writing a blog post right now and I'm commenting on your post on procrastination instead. This is how my life normally goes. Anyway, great post and super fun to read!


    1. Haha, omg that is pure brilliance! Seriously, so typical of our nasty procrastination habits, it's actually hilarious! So glad you thought it was fun to read, that was certainly my goal, fun to write too.


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