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Are luxury beauty products worth the price?

You don't have to look very hard to find a plethora of Youtube videos and blog posts listing cheaper Mac lipstick dupes and similar YSL perfume scents. The beauty world sure does love their lower-end versions of higher-end products. 
And who can blame them? We can't all afford the luxury price tag, and many can argue that the price might not even be worth it. I, for one, wouldn't be able to head out and willy-nilly purchase an NARS concealer. The cost of having to repurchase it every month or so would be enough to have my bank suspect my credit card was stolen. 

However, I will invest in a luxury beauty item if it sparks my interest. Or if it's one I like collecting. Ie handbags, perfume, purses and lipstick. And I would personally prefer to do that than to purchase a knock-off or dupe. Why? Hmm, why indeed.

You get what you pay for.

That tired old saying "you get what you pay for" has a point. Naturally, when you purchase your lipstick with left-over pennies (score!) you'd need to expect cheap packaging and a product that does the job, but isn't the greatest thing in the world. I mean, the reason is reasonable. How much the item costs generally reflects how much it cost to make it.

When purchasing a luxury item, you tend to get the full effect of said product. 

The perfume lasts longer on the skin, has been artfully concocted, and tends to last a little longer in the bottle. The scents are always divine and made with the highest-grade ingredients. No cheap-and-nasty fillers.
A lipstick follows the same rule. Basically, it will (and should) last much longer on all accounts. 

So when someone like me invests in a Burberry perfume, it really, is an investment. And the quality speaks volumes, making it completely worth the price.  

Only certain products are worth the investment, though.

Nail polishes and hand creams are just two products I, personally, don't think are worth a higher price tag. For one, you tend to go through things like hand creams too quickly to justify a $50+ price tag. And they sometimes go with you in your handbag. What if you lost it?! And nail polishes are nail polishes. It goes on your damn nails, who even pays attention to your nails except you? 

However, things like perfumes, moisturizers, and lipsticks are well worth the higher price. The effectiveness and longevity alone are enough. You just don't get the same feel from a lower end alternative. 
It's all about picking the product you think is worth the investment. 
And only sticking to those, opting for drugstore alternatives for everything else. 

It's the items that will last the longest that determine the cost for worth. 

No one needs to drop mass cash on the regular for something as basic as eyeliner. Eyeliner, along with mascara, needs to be regularly thrown out and replaced for sanitary purposes. Plus, they're more or less all the same. Why the heck commit yourself to a Dior, when it won't last longer than your manicure? 

Better yet, stick to purchasing smaller, travel sizes that won't cause you to flinch and cringe when the checkout girl says, "That'll be $ please."

My favourite thing to do is purchase expensive perfumes in rollerball form, or hand creams in those mini sizes you find randomly dotted throughout Sephora. You won't find yourself having to justify the price to yourself, and the cash you hand over isn't all that much compared to buying a full size. You still get the high quality of the product, only a little more budget-friendly, and you can make them last for as long as you need if you use the product sparingly. 

However, if you only care about getting a similar colour, then stick to a dupe.

If you just want that velvet red shade you loved so much at the Kat Von D stand and don't care for much else, definitely stick to a lower-end dupe. I definitely, agree with dupes for designer products when you're just looking for that same shade. Or that same effect. You don't want to spend a ridiculous amount you can't justify just because you really, love that shade of blush. That shade of blush can be found anywhere honey. 

But never purchase an obvious knock-off. Because that's illegal. Seriously. And so not fair to the actual designer/brand.

In conclusion? The price of a luxury beauty product is worth it when we add up the quality and longevity.
But only if you care for those things. 
If you just want that Velvet Teddy colour, and only the colour, there are a dozen dupes that will suit your fancy while browsing the Maybelline, Rimmel and Revlon stands. 

Photos by Sheree Grace 

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