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Super basic DIY Valentine's Heart Candle Melts

I don't let anything go to waste. Fun fact. I'll squeeze every last drop I can, from my primer bottles before I throw them away. I'll continue to use a broken appliance until it no longer turns on. I clean out old candle jars and use them to store anything beauty related. And when my candle's run down while leaving behind a pool of wax, I scoop that wax up and re-purpose it. 
Because eco-friendly and all that, but mostly because money doesn't grow on trees #jafeel?   

Typically I tend to throw that dead candles' remains into a wax burner. Only to leave it in one giant clump inside the burner, to be melted and solidified multiple times until it's all gone. Or, until I get sick of seeing it and throw it away. 

But, this time, I decided to get a little more creative with it.  

While in need of some heart-shaped props for my discussion on what V-Day really means, I ended up making my own set of adorable, heart-shaped candle melts. (Because it was the quickest and easiest thing I could think to do.) 
Perfect for Valentine's no? Thrown in a cute jar or container, it makes a great gift or just something for yourself. 
Better yet, it makes great use of those burned-down scented candles, that you can't stand to throw away. Reduce, reuse, recycle am I right?

Super basic, crazy-easy, eco-friendly, recycled DIY heart candle melts for Valentine's Day.


An old/run down scented pink or red candle. If it's unscented, we can fix this. If it's white, we can also fix this.
Heart shaped silicone moulds. Strictly for this project, you can't eat from them.
A cute container to store them in.
Gift tags.

Take your leftover candle, and melt it completely in a wax burner. If it still has the metal part, pull that out carefully when the wax has liquefied. If there is no metal part at all, you can microwave the wax for 30 seconds to liquefy. 

Gently pour the wax into the heart shaped moulds, and wait a few minutes until set. 

Then, pop your hearts out of the mould and pop them into your container of choice. 


If you have unscented/uncoloured wax:

While the wax is melted, add a few drops of essential oils. Rose, strawberry, anything Valentine-y. Gently swirl the wax and viola! 
If it's uncoloured, you could always throw in some rose petals, potpourri or even some heart shaped confetti! Get fun and creative with it. 
- You're going to be melting these over a burner, after all, no flames required. So you don't have to worry about your little additions.

In the meantime, grab a pretty mason jar/container, and wrap a ribbon around it for some adorable gift tags to be attached.
I grabbed this super cute DIY sticker sheet by Oh Happy Day
But, you can make your own. Or not make any at all. Who am I to tell you what to do?
Hey, presto! Some adorable, candle melts that are a perfect gift. Or to just re-purpose leftover wax. 
Tedious, annoying, messy, but fun with super cute results! 

What more is there for an easy DIY?

Photos by Sheree Grace
- Sheree

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